Dawson McAllister Breaking Ties With Exodus International Over Radio Controversy

Although Clear Channel, its Premiere Radio Networks and its radio stations are not involved in the operation of the Hopeline or the Association, we were concerned about how listener calls to the Hopeline that discussed sexuality were addressed and referrals callers were given to third parties. Clear Channel has a history of making significant commitments to diversity within our own company, and has been honored by the Human Rights Campaign for its policies regarding GLBT employees and business partners. After looking into this matter, we expressed to the producers of Dawson McAllister Live that Clear Channel listeners who call the Hopeline be treated in a manner consistent with our corporate commitments to diversity. As a result of those discussions, the Dawson McAllister Association has reviewed its training for Hopeline volunteers and will remove the Exodus organization from its referral system and remove links to Exodus from its website.

—Part of a Clear Channel statement about its involvement in Dawson McAllister’s Hopeline [NGLTF]

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  • QuerToday

    The radio show website still links to Focus on the Family, Love Revolution which is a youth movement with close ties to Exodus, and other right-wing anti-gay organizations.

    This is NOT enough. It’s an anti-gay radio show and it should be canceled.

  • TommyOC

    @QuerToday: Right. This just seems like some patching over by the Association. What should really be discussed is whether homosexual and questioning teens are going to be told how evil they are and how their thoughts are because of a lack of faith.

    This statement from Clear Channel addresses none of that.

  • HAL

    Let’s admit it, once this was made as public as it was I’m sure several letters sent to both Clear radio an McAllister’s association mentioned something along the lines of “lawsuit” and possibly something about “negligence”.

    Being a bit cynical, I’m assuming they’re blowing smoke up our asses and are just trying to appease the angry masses. What’s important is that an eye is kept on them to ensure that they go through with the obligations and promises they’ve made, change their policies regarding LGBT callers (i.e not making things worse for them) and making sure that 3 months from now when the media attention dies down they don’t turn right back around and start telling kids that they’re going to hell and sending them to Exodus again.

    Not to say I don’t have faith in humanity, but from experience I don’t think people like this can have their minds changed so easily, luckily litigation and the threat of having their radio show syndications stopped scared them enough, at least for now. Luckily for us these people hold their income above their beliefs, regardless of how twisted their beliefs are.

  • James M

    And why isn’t HRC and GLAAD publicly calling for the cancelation of the show? Why because of their 100% equality index rating, and the flow of money from clear channel to these orgs of course. Let’s not forget what radio and tv hosts’ careers Clear Channel has nurtured. Let’s not forget their support of George Bush administration and Repubs in general…

  • jeffree

    Until we *know* that gay/lesbian/bi callers to the McAllister show are NOT referred to the xtian fundamentalists but rather to better & professionally trained resources, I suggest we do NOT let off the pressure on these homophobic, bible-preaching ranters.

    Too many gay/lesbian/ bi kids are attempting or succeeding in SUICIDE for us to believe the Exodus people have been banished as supposedly “professional counselors” until we know these “questioning” teens are referred to, d’oh’ TRAINED EXPERTS! Bible college doesn’t count……

  • Cam

    If I remember Correctly, isn’t Clear Channel owned by a very conservative family?!

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