‘Day Of Silence’ Students To Be Suspended


A group of high schoolers from Hammond High in the thriving metropolis of Columbia, MD, faces suspension after clamping their mouths shut for the National Day Of Silence, protesting homophobia in schools. An administrator for the school claims the silence “disrupted learning” and is cause for marks on their permanent record. Egad!

One of our editors was a speaker for the National Day Of Silence, but the only trouble that arose from that evening was when everyone skipped the boring dinner reception and went to the nearby Hershey’s Chocolate World instead. It seemed naughty and cool at the time, but getting suspended is way better.

We think the National Day Of Silence is an excellent example of “effective political action.” Case study: the April 26 protest, organized by GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network) gives students a chance to peacefully demonstrate against homophobia, without marching in big parades or waving gay banners and shouting their way into people’s heads. There is a time and place to shout, but not every person feels comfortable taking a loud stance on every issue they care about; this way, they don’t have to say anything at all, yet they still take part in conveying the message.

Had they marched, no one would have paid attention due to the annoyance factor. Hence we find the fracas to be ironic, since they caused such a stir by doing nothing. We also find it ironic that these protestors are usually masses of straight girls who think gay guys are cool, and they’re putting themselves in the line of fire when the gay guys are just hoping everyone shuts up and no one finds out they’ve been fooling around with each other in the choir room after school. But how cool to be suspended for a protest! We don’t think the principal will go through with it; apparently she’s still pretty new on the job, and we presume she’s just trigger-happy. Or maybe she’s a big lesbian, and knew if she raised a stink about the protest she’d draw attention to it. Look, it worked! Here we are, blogging blogging blogging away.

All we have to say is this: First, darling student protestors, fret not about that whole “permanent record” threat. It is crap-ola. Our “records” were littanies of suspensions and indiscretions but colleges were glad to take our money anyway. Second, getting suspended for a peaceful protest just gives you street cred. Next step: take a same-gender date to the prom, and you’re golden.

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