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Days Before “King Cobra” Release, James Franco Sued For Head-Butting Photographer


According to court documents, James Franco went ferociously feral at a recent Lana Del Ray concert and charged and head-butt a photographer, just to be that way.

TMZ reports David Tonnessen was photographing the concert at Hollywood Forever Cematary when an unprovoked Franco head-butted him in the stomach.

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According to unusually poetic court documents, Franco was “smiling, rather demonically,” and wore a “blank expression of joy on his face” as he knocked the astonished photog to the floor.

Tonnessen claims he was subsequently hospitalized and suffered “permanent injuries,” whatever that means.

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He’s suing for medical expenses and additional damages. No word on whether he manage to snap a photo of the King Cobra star’s demonic smile and blank expression of joy just before he was sent screaming to the ground with the distant sounds of “High on the Beach” ringing in his ears as the crowd went on dancing, screaming, clapping, cheering…