Days Of Our Lives Has First Gay Kiss—Finally!

Long-running soap Days of Our Lives made television history yesterday when it became the absolutely last show to show two men kissing. (Seriously, we’re pretty sure we saw some tongue action on Swamp People.)

Storylines on daytime dramas are notoriously long and slow: Will (Chandler Massey) was actually introduced as a baby in 1995 and only got some lip action with a random dude named Neil on Thursday. At this rate, he’ll get some bed scenes by 2016.

By then, of course, all soaps will be replaced by hardcore porn.

BTW, if Niel looks familiar, it’s because that’s Jesse Kristofferson, son of actor Kris Kristofferson (Blade).

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  • Torrie

    That was fucking hot! Chandler Massey is so cute.

  • Dax

    I may be wrong. But, I believe CBS’s “The Bold and the Beautiful” would be the last soap to feature a gay kiss. It hasn’t had any gay characters on its cast roster and is a strange world where all fashion designers are virile, straight men.

    I have been enjoying the Will Horton storyline. It’s like no other gay storyline in soaps because he’s not just a single-minded character who’s worrying about his sexuality in every scene. He’s been mixing things up with a blackmailing mayoral candidate and giving his mother hell for being a tramp. In short, he’s a character, as opposed to a caricature.

    Take note, Logo. I believe this example is what your surveys were actually saying — gay people are more than their sexuality, which doesn’t mean we don’t want to see gay leading characters on our screen. We just want some dimension, which is exactly what this story has delivered.

    More important than the kiss, I think it was amazing the show had five gay characters on screen at one time. The most amazing part is none of them are pitiful characters. They were just hanging out … on an outdoor, public couch, which I’m still trying to understand. ^_^

    Some people may hate soaps. But, I love this one because the stories are entertaining.

    Chandler Massey is doing a great job, in my opinion.

    Hope everyone has a great day!

  • Karen

    I think this is sick and it makes me not want to watch the show, I fast forward through
    the kissing. This is wrong and I think some people will stop watching the show because
    of it.

  • Rusk

    @Karen: TROLL! That’s a good one ;)

  • tenshinigami

    HAHAHA omg I remember watching Days Of Our Lives with my mom way back in 1995. Baby Will was killed, kidnapped, or otherwise the central theme of drama almost every other episode. Somehow I find it hysterical that the child of two of the main main characters turned out gay.

    Also, the kissing scene was hot. I actual said to the screen “Wow boys, calm down a moment….”

    The light organ crescendos adds something, doesn’t it?

  • Gunnar


    The Bold & the Beautiful has never had a gay featured character. All My Children is the first soap opera to feature an ongoing lesbian storyline. As the World Turns was the first soap to have a gay male storyline.

  • christopher di spirito

    Historically, Soaps have tackled issues night time programming avoided. Kudos to ‘Days of Our Lives’ for featuring this adorable boy on his journey to self-discovery.

  • Mike

    Good for Days! I haven’t watched in years (I remember Will as the toddler who never said anything and had huge ears, back when his parents were fighting over custody) but have DVR’d a couple recent episodes out of curiosity in how they handle this. The show has always been one of the more traditional/conservative of the soaps even through its wackiness. Just about every single character is supposedly a devout Catholic. Even Marlena (Will’s grandma), after she was possessed by the devil.

    But they’ve taken what could be a tired topic and handled it pretty well to this point, I think. I also like that they didn’t just automatically throw Will together with the only other major gay character on the show.

  • prossi

    @Karen: I agree. I just started watching again after many years away primarily because DOOL brought back favorite characters from the past. It’s good I’ve not been back long enough to have become invested in the new storylines because considering the direction DOOL is going with the Will storyline has me setting my DVR to “delete”.

  • Jonathonz

    I wanted to see him kiss the other guy.

  • SebX

    Even though the younger guy is really, really cute… the kiss was horrible!! If they went for “hot & passionate” they failed to appeal to me. It was awkward, too forced, and the face was not of pleasure but of “let get this over with”.

  • Mike

    Umm, prossi and Karen, wtf are you two even doing reading this website? You do realize it’s called Queerty and not SexuallyFrustratedHomophobicHouseFrausTy, right?

  • Mike

    @Karen: BYE.

  • Dallas David

    I like the subject, and the actors, but the story line moves like social progress in Texas — eventually it gets there, but not fast enough for me.

  • DenverBarbie

    @Karen: @prossi: I hope you two ladies don’t have kiddos.

  • Cynthia Joy

    @Karen: get over it!

  • Cynthia Joy

    Good for them.. about time..

  • Oh, ok.

    @Karen: @prossi: Your tears make us happy, cry more.

  • CJ

    Will was drunk when he kissed that guy. So, he’ll have lots of opportunities in the coming weeks to deny that it was a real kiss. He was drunk, confused, stressed because of his mom, etc.

  • Mo

    From what I’ve been hearing Karen and prossi are just the tip of the iceberg over on DAYS fan-boards and their Facebook page. Because shows about adultery, rape, and murder are just fine but if they have two guys kiss it’s morally outrageous.

  • lyds

    I don’t care what anyone says that was the hottest kiss on any tv show ever. chandler is an amazing young actor playing his role of a tortured soul like no one can.

  • Steve

    Just think — Now that the soap-operas have finally accepted the possibility of gay relationships, it DOUBLES the combinations of affairs, marriages, divorces, etc. that they can have for the show. And, of course, the mythical promiscuity of gay men can generate a new affair (with attendant jealousy, etc.) every couple of days…. They have finally hit the mother-load of soap-opera writers wet dreams.

  • drums

    I’m usually pretty unimpressed with the writing on Queerty, but this commentary under the video had me laughing.

  • Basch

    LMAO that kissing was terrible. It looked like it hurt.

  • christopher di spirito

    @Karen: I’d put a gun to my head if I saw you kissing anyone or anything. You’re a nasty heffa with brown, rotten teeth.

  • Todd

    After As The World Turns got cancelled, I could care less what ever happens on another SOAP, and I will never become invested.

  • disgusted american

    the sad part about this- is that there is any controversy in the 1st place……big deal, 2 guys kiss…..Id rather see love, then killing any day!

  • Cary Gottlieb

    @Mike: Mike you rock!

  • Loni

    I want more, this is the best story line thus far this year and its far realier than Stefeno and John. Please more, more, more. Sonny and Will—-HOT!!!

  • Carolyn

    I can’t believe Days would resort to this type of story line. I’m very disapointed and i have been a long time viewer of the show since Deidre and Wayne (Roman and Marlena) got together back in the 80’s. I agree with another comment that I believe some viewers will stop watching the show. What is so hot about watching two guys kiss each other. It makes me want to throw up!

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