Daytime Loses A Gay Talk Show Host As The Nate Berkus Show Is Cancelled

Is Oprah Winfrey losing her golden touch? First it looks like OWN, her boutique network, is running in circles. Now it’s been announced that The Nate Berkus Show, starring one of Oprah’s Chosen Ones, has been axed after two seasons.

Doctor Oz, you better brush off that resume!

The show, which is a joint venture between Sony and Oprah’s production company Harpo, iwill wrap in May 2012.. Said Berkus, “”I’m incredibly proud of my hard working and talented staff, and proud of the show we were able to produce every day.”

We’re sad Nate’s series never really connected with viewers but the gays are still doing pretty well in daytime: We’ve still got Ellen, Rosie and Suze Orman—plus Anderson Cooper‘s daily show and Queen Latifah’s upcoming chatfest. Of course, we mention those last two for no apparent reason. (Wink, wink.)

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  • JAW

    Don’t forget … Clinton Kelly on “The Chew”
    and Thomas Roberts on MSNBC… he does some great interviews on GLBT Topics

  • bagooka

    It’s a sad day for talk shows.

  • plazaboy

    I’m never home during the day to watch talk shows but I have to admit, watching Nate Berkus for any amount of time never interested me. He’s attractive and some of his design ideas are good but why did anyone think he needed his own show or merited one??

  • ashton cruz

    I hate to say this but Thank God!!!! That show sucked big time, and while they are at it how about canceling The Chew, The Talk, anything with Nancy Grace on it and the entire Fox News network along with LOGO???

  • ewe

    I think we should strictly patronize HGTV (Homosexual Gay Transgendered Visuals)and let all the other networks sink into oblivion.

  • ewe

    I watched it once and was instantly transported back in time to when i was about 15 years old and all the boys would walk around talking in a DEEPER than usual voice and SLOWLY distending their sentences. We were super cool don’t ya know? Stoners. woo hoo hoo hoo hoo. I heard Nate Berkus bought an apartment at the Caledonia. GET OUT!!! I WANT IT. Go back to Chicago and take your fabrics with ya honey.

  • Aiden


  • christopher di spirito

    Nate Burkus may be Big Mama O’s interior decorator but the fact is, no one watched his show. At the end of the day, it was a business decision. But fear not children. Soon, the great Katie Couric will grace our flatscreens with a new blab show.

  • TJ

    That show, and Nate, were boring as hell. He could not host or interview anyone. I’m surprised it took this long.

  • Alister

    Thank God. That show was awful.

  • LandStander

    Ah Nate Berkus. Proof that it really does take more than a pretty face to hold on to your own show.

  • John

    THANK GOD! Seriously, what a horrible representative. Ok Ok, so maybe he wasnt trying to be one, but I’d rather watch kittens being put into blenders then watching that show. Honestly, what dirt did he have on some tv exec to give him a show…everything about him was horrible, the way he spoke, his insincerity. Now lets get the Kardashians off next.

  • Roni.E

    I like Nate and his design ideas but I don’t like the way he talks. Let alone hear it for an hour. It sounds like he’s got rubber bands in his mouth that won’t get stretched enough. Sorry.

  • Jaime

    Unfortunately Nate doesn’t have much by way of personality, zero charimsa and charm. He’s talented, he’s stunningly gorgeous, but a host he is not. I turned off that show after the second episode aired. Good riddance, now go do what you do best Nate……DESIGN!

  • BubbasBack

    This man had a show? Burp.

  • Robbie K.

    The show was god awful

  • shannon


  • seaguy

    And we have Will Horton coming out on Day’s of Our Lives!

  • christopher di spirito

    @Jaime: “Stunningly gorgeous?” FOFLMAO! Dude, Nate has the biggest mouth since Joe E. Brown. When he opens it he can swallow Chicago in one gulp.

  • tipsygypsy

    Last year at a huge New York antique show, Nate suddenly appeared before my eyes, however, not with the entourage of A-listy gay guys in tow that you’d expect but with some brunette chick who was a total fashionista/bimbo/Kardashian type. She may have been a Kardashian for all I know. He seemed in person, well frankly, kinda butch and the vibe was a ‘date’ and I thought–what if this guy is PRETENDING to be gay to keep Oprah’s legions of female fans off his back?
    Are you listening, Paul Rudnick? I think I just wrote the outline for your next screenplay. Oh, and as far as his show goes: I watched it…ONCE.

  • Robert in NYC

    Nate will sruvive. He has a successful design business in Chicago. The show was dull and let’s face it, what on earth did anyone expect with the plethora of design shows on several cable channels? It was nothing unique. I watched it once and that was it.

    No. 4….Logo sucked. I got rid of it after one month’s service. It is repetitive, has nothing really good to watch and is just a waste of time. I’m surprised it’s still in business. Boring isn’t the word.

  • Tony

    Nate seems like a nice guy. But, he’s not able to carry a whole show on his own.

    He’s better suited to be part of a multi-cast show.

  • Johnson

    Wait, Nate had a show? Oh well.

  • Art

    Zero personality and charimsa He’s talented, but he made interior design feel more like a class then something fun…. Not to mention that he sounds like a boring professor.

  • xander

    I watched one episode of his show, and was ready to inhale paint fumes to revive myself. Boring, bad interviews, uninspired design tips.

    I have to say that when Nate lost his partner Fernando in the tsunami years back, he went on Oprah to talk about his loss. He was very real and thoughtful and I warmed up to him, but that engaging side sure didn’t come across on his own series. Schnoooze.

    Rumour has it he’s bought a second home in NYC, so maybe he’s decamping from Chicago.

  • Vince

    I can watch his show with the sound turned off, I think he’s that handsome! Bye, Nate!

  • J Bocca

    Who cares! I’ve seen him on Oprah and I’ve caught a minute or two of his show, He doesn’t come across likable at all!

  • bluechip244

    It’s a shame. I love Nate, but his show just didn’t connect with me. The only reason that I tuned in was just to see him and that lasted for about 10 minutes. His show needed a little more umph. Sorry cutie pie!

  • Kathryn

    When I see Nate , I don’t see his sexuality , I see the wealth of knowledge and practical tips I myself can follow !

  • Honey Dip

    Now if Wendy Williams goes off air what else will it to watch #imjussayin

  • Rita Mock

    I’m sorry to see the show is canceled. Who cares if he is gay!

  • cameron

    What???? That’s crazy!! Nate Burkus is the best gay pot head ever. I love this Guy.

  • darlene

    I liked the show and I like Nate. He is humble and very nice to his guests. His ideas, designs were great. I did like his guests but sometimes they could have been more interesting. However, I feel Nate was a great host. The over-nite shows got a little bit redundant. I personally will be sad to see the show end and will miss Nate.

  • Liz

    I only recently began watching the show, and really liked the ideas. Too bad it was cancelled. This would have better as Saturday/Sunday show, (only once a week for an hour). Although I didn’t care much for the fashion stuff, I especially liked viewer clips and photos with even more ideas.

  • Christa

    I am saddened by this news. I don’t watch it everyday but I enjoy the tips and tricks he gives. And he caters to the middle class people who enjoy or have to decorat on a budget. The things he does is something most people can afford and do. Simple yet elegant. I’m sure most of the haters on here don’t like him or his show because you are the snooty ones who have to have the best most expensive things. I enjoy a classy home and my partner and I prefer to make and create things and make something our own. He provides amazing tips to do just that. I will miss watching his show…

  • Michelle

    Nate is the best !!!! Best amazing, intelligent, show on TV !!!!!!! Sometimes, I watch it twice. I’ve learned so much, it’s a show worth watching unlike some of the mindless crap on TV. Oprah did not make a mistake., tI’m besides myself that he’s cancelled. Don’t go Nate!!!! ………You are incredible !!

  • Blythe

    I guess I’m not surprised the show is leaving but I wish the producers or whomever would have taken time to re-format it—to have fewer segments with MORE TIME allowed to each segment. I love Nate. I love his ideas. I just was frustrated with the rush rush rush format of so many show segments. I love Nate’s creative solutions for tough rooms and spaces. And I wish he could have attacked our great room which is a decorating (spatially) nightmare!!! Windows, cathedral ceiling, kitchen on one side…. Hopefully Nate will have a new venue. Why not on OWN??? Oprah didn’t make a mistake. Nate is a talent and so charming. Bring him back with a more suitable format. I’ll miss him a lot.

  • Judy

    I start watching TV at 11 a.m. When Nate comes on in our area. Really like his show, and really like Nate. So sorry to see it cancelled.

  • Lynda

    I just happened onto this site looking for directions on how to do a project from Nate’s show. I have never seen his entire show, but there was a lot of good ideas presented when I got a chance to watch certain segments. I believe what killed his show was all the awesome “Do it yourself” ideas presented leaving no room for sponsors except maybe Ikea. There is no money in thrift shopping. I gave up on the Dr.s, Dr. Oz, Rachael Ray and more because for instance when I want to get the best moisturizer for my face I don’t just want a product that’s being suggested because the company spent the most money to be on the show. Enough already with an hours worth of advertising.
    I didn’t like many of Nates decorating ideas, he needs to paint everything, but not every bodies tastes are the same. I like Natural wood (no pun intended)
    Bottom line, this was a quality show with a great and unique theme and the Network has really done themselves and the viewers a disservice by canceling it!

  • Cindy

    I am sad. I really liked this show and watched it frequently. He will do well in whatever his future endeavors will be. What a great guy and very honest and personable.

  • Zuena

    The show is currently airing in South Africa and I must admit – I don’t care whether he is a representative of gay people or not, I find the show B O R I N G. He is cute and all but talks so slooooowly and doesn’t show any kind of energy. On another note, we are also being subjected to the Monique show. I know nothing about her but it is a show aimed at Americans, she interviews celebs we have never heard of and that screeeeechy voice is enough to drive anyone nuts. I have never watched more than 2 minutes of any of her shows.

  • Marianne

    I’m very sad to hear Nate’s show has been cancelled. I taped it everyday and watched it at night. I learned alot of decorating tips and will miss The Nate Show so much.

  • DeeDee

    Your opinions mean so much more when they are grammatically correct.
    I got plenty of ideas from Nate. He has tons of charisma. My what a bunch of haters. Guess you’ll be getting YOUR own show, right?
    I’m sure Nate is sad…all the way to the bank.

  • Loretta

    I am so sorry to hear that the Nate Berkus show has been cancelled. I watch it ever single day and love Nate. Who cares if he is gay and his voice is so different? We have to look at the person with all their differences. He is cute, personable and I think, a good host, with lots of great ideas for decorating for we humans on a budget. I am really sad that he is going off air.

  • Kathy

    I’ve watch Nate since his first show. I had NO idea he was gay nor did I care. I am one of his fans because of his work and his giving nature. This from a faithful fan who will miss his helpful hints!

  • anonymous

    He’s like an attention-seeking nephew. The hopped up bangs, Edwardian wardrobe, colorful socks– it all just says big ego. Then look at the shots of the fawning audience. They’re all auntie types in their sun dresses. “Oh what a nice boy. I wish my son were more like him.” Just feeding the ego… Yet his charisma and youthful charm begins to infect me and I KEEP WATCHING.

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