Daytime Loses A Gay Talk Show Host As The Nate Berkus Show Is Cancelled

Is Oprah Winfrey losing her golden touch? First it looks like OWN, her boutique network, is running in circles. Now it’s been announced that The Nate Berkus Show, starring one of Oprah’s Chosen Ones, has been axed after two seasons.

Doctor Oz, you better brush off that resume!

The show, which is a joint venture between Sony and Oprah’s production company Harpo, iwill wrap in May 2012.. Said Berkus, “”I’m incredibly proud of my hard working and talented staff, and proud of the show we were able to produce every day.”

We’re sad Nate’s series never really connected with viewers but the gays are still doing pretty well in daytime: We’ve still got Ellen, Rosie and Suze Orman—plus Anderson Cooper‘s daily show and Queen Latifah’s upcoming chatfest. Of course, we mention those last two for no apparent reason. (Wink, wink.)