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Dayum: The first trailer for hyper-erotic gay drama “Beach Rats” is here

The first trailer for Eliza Hittman’s highly anticipated Beach Rats finally came out today, and it’s doing as good a job at enticing us to see the film as a recent Daily Beast feature, which hailed the movie as “the rare gay drama, and maybe the next wave of queer storytelling, that makes you feel uncomfortable.”

Set in Coney Island, the movie centers around Frankie (played by model-turned-actor Harris Dickinson), a closeted teen who compulsively cruises gay hookup sites. The performance, according to Daily Beast, was “one of the most grueling, sensual, and captivating star turns at Sundance. And certainly one of the most enticingly naked.”

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Earlier this year, The Guardian reported that “Hittman was inspired to make Beach Rats after seeing a shirtless selfie online, captivated by the fine line between heteronormative bravado and homoeroticism.”

“I was completely happy to be part of something that did normalize male nudity,” Dickinson, who’s straight, tells The Daily Beast.

“I was talking to someone the other day who asked about it, and I said to them, ‘Have you seen how much female nudity there is throughout the history of film and TV?’ So yeah, I was comfortable with it, and I’m quite comfortable with my sexuality and my body.”


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