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DC Comics adds mutant shark bottoming to official canon. Wait, what?


Took them long enough.

The new DC Comics animated film Justice League Dark: Apokolips War has confirmed that the bisexual detective John Constantine has an active sex life. The film reveals that Constantine used to date King Shark, a giant mutant half human-half shark, and that Constantine enjoyed bottoming with his ex.

After the clip went viral with fans debating the true meaning, one of the writers of the film has confirmed the meaning on Twitter. Mairghread Scott, who penned the screenplay, clarified that yes, Constantine did bottom for King Shark.

“I can’t believe they let me write this,” she admitted.

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“I was expecting to hear from twitter folks thirsty for tortured, sad, bearded Superman, but I truly underestimated thirsty monster-f*cker twitter,” she added in another tweet.

The supernatural detective John Constantine earned a following, in part, for being one of the first openly bisexual characters in DC Comics canon. Over the years, several big and small screen adaptations of the character have addressed his sexual fluidity in different ways, or met with controversy for ignoring that aspect of his personality.