DC Cops Sure Do Hate Lesbians, Paperwork

When 21-year-old Yazzmen Morse went out with her four girl friends on Saturday July 30th, they found themselves attacked by two men. According to one of the women, the two guys started flirting with Morse and Morse pointed out her girlfriend and said she wasn’t interested. One of the men became angry and said, “You fucking dyke bitches, I will kick that bitch’s ass. I will take that dyke bitch into the alley and kick her ass.” He then punched Morse three times and when her friends tried to help, they began punching the other women as well. Luckily, seven cops showed up and apprehended one of the victims. Unluckily, these were the laziest cops in all of D.C..

According to Morse and the others the officers who initially showed up refused to take a report, threatened to take the women to jail if they did not pipe down, refused to question a nearby man who happily recorded the entire event on his phone, and then let the attacker in their custody go. The attacker laughed and pointed at the women as he crossed the street; the women continued pleading with the cops in tears and anger.

The D.C. police Gay & Lesbian Liaison Unit eventually reported the incident as a hate crime three days later after Morse’s mother complained. But according to John Avarosis at AmericaBlog, this is common behavior for DC cops:

Certain lazy police officers, labeled “SLAPS” by their own fellow officers, don’t like to file police reports of crimes. Why? 1) It requires them to do paperwork and go to court, which is boring. 2) It would mean their part of the city would register another crime, and that would make them look bad, so it’s better to have lower crime – and the way you lower crime is not to file crime reports (or at least file them and make the crime sound less important).

Bad cop! No donut! The D.C. group Gays and Lesbians Opposing Violence have asked the police to investigate and discipline the officers. Sadly, the women don’t know the names of the officers who “assisted” them and Avarosis says that even if an investigation does occur, the officers aren’t likely to get more than a slap on the wrist.

Justice in the nation’s capital, ladies and germs. At least their overall crime rate’s going down (ba-dum).