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  • Kieran

    If you want to know why most gay and bisexual men choose NOT to identify as gay or bisexual, here’s your answer. What self-respecting man would want to be identified
    with this?

  • blatherer

    These people insist on slithering out from under their respective rocks at least once a year, but why glorify them? Horrible, horrible images to put out there for so many reasons.

  • Matt

    @Kieran & blatherer,

    Good lord! These people are just having fun and btw, it IS Halloween time. Maybe you two sour-pusses can get together to see what else you can complain about, I’m guessing it will be about how many ailments you both have at your advanced ages.

  • FridaTibetans

    Wow, really guys? This event is at least half straight, an absolute blast and a fantastic opportunity to let my merkin breathe.

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