DC’s Green Lantern Is Officially Queer And Here (And We’ve Got A Sneak Peek!)

As predicted, DC Comics has officially revealed that the Green Lantern is gay as a goose. Better, he’s in a heartwarmingly charming relationship with a sexy little number named Sam. All will be revealed in the second issue of the new series Earth Two, illustrated by Nicola Scott and written by James Robinson.

From Rolling Stone:

Up until recently, a middle aged version of Alan Scott [a.k.a. The Green Lantern] was one of the stars of Justice Society of America, a comic series featuring the 1940s versions of DC’s heroes set in the present day. The new versions of these characters in Earth Two have all been aged down considerably, to the point that Scott’s gay superhero son Obsidian had to be sacrificed. Robinson says he was inspired to write Scott himself as a gay character to make up for that loss. “The logical leap that I made was, oh, why don’t we make Alan Scott gay?,” he says. “To DC’s credit, there wasn’t any hesitation. [Co-publisher] Dan DiDio was like ‘Oh, that’s a great idea, let’s do it!'”

First the high profile gay wedding of X-Men’s Northstar for Marvel Comics, now a superhero legend comes out for DC. What a red letter year to be a gay comics geek! Maybe we should become one. Have you met any? They’re cute!

Here’s a preview from the issue, due out June 6th:

Earth 2 issue 2 preview