Dead Prime Minister’s Wife Denies Gay Rumors

Republican Richard Curtis isn’t the only politician embroiled in a sex scandal. A new book alleges that former and late Australian prime minister Sir William McMahon did dudes. McMahon’s widow, however, denies the story.

Lady Sonia McMahon says she spoke with Stand By Your Man author Susan Mitchell, but had no idea Mitchell would make such an outrageous, infuriating claim:

Yes, I’m angry about what Susan has written, but most of all, I’m hurt.

Anyone who says he was homosexual is talking tripe. I can tell you that he was a loving man, a true romantic.

Before me, he went out with a lot of women. He was a workaholic and could be a little lax in the wooing department, but he was heterosexual.

The Lady also says that the gay rumors were started by a political rival. And, as if her word’s not enough, Sonia can point to their three children, one of whom we all know and love: Nip/Tuck‘s Julian McMahon.