Deal Alert: Sears Slashes Prices On Gay Leather Fetish Wear

744267213Feeling a chill at night? Perhaps you should head on over to Sears and pick up this “thermal underwear” that just went on sale.

The Elegant Moments Men’s Four-Piece Adjustable Harness Set doesn’t look like it would keep you very warm, but the major retailer swears by it. They’ve even listed it in the “long underwear” section of their website, right between those terribly fitted Fruit of the Loom boxer briefs that reach your kneecap and the 80-pack of Hanes ankle socks.

This beautiful “comfortable hosiery” is perfect for the leather man in your life, and includes two arm bands, as well as a collar (not the leather thong). Best of all, the price has recently been slashed by 20% (a steal!) and includes free shipping!

Unfortunately, there are no user reviews of this product yet. Maybe you should leave one?

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  • hyhybt

    If that’s their long underwear, we really need to look at what they consider short.

  • Polaro

    Serious improvement to the crap they usually sell. I’d buy it if I didn’t already have enough “long underwear”.

  • brokeback gypsy

    “Come see the softer side of Sears”

  • fredo777

    I went to the link + see this in the category of just men’s underwear, no references to long underwear, hosiery, or comfort whatsoever.

  • RRT

    bwahaha! you gotta click on the first link for this. ‘Cuz the next item is a caveman suede outfit. Man, never saw that in my Sears wish book for Christmas.

  • Dave in Northridge

    The shoe company that makes the harness has some real fetishy footwear for both men and women — all for sale at Sears! It’s Betson Shoes. New to me.

  • Larkin

    The link is still there in the product search results, but the specific page for the item has been removed :(

  • offbeatoh86

    The leather harness & novelty underwear are being sold through the Sears Marketplace. Since 2009, Sears.com has allowed third-party sellers to list merchandise on Sears.com like people can on Amazon.com. The items aren’t carried in Sears stores.

  • offbeatoh86

    Sorry about the double comment. My computer had a loading issue, and I accidentally posted it twice.

  • joshanizer

    Hmm. Any suggestions for real fetish sites with similar products? Getting a head start on next year’s Up Your Alley.

  • seaguy

    Item no longer available. Well then take it off the website! No wonder Sears is slowly going tits up!

  • David Gervais

    @ Dave in Northridge
    Please provide a link, I haven’t had much luck looking so far.

  • CreoClay

    They took this particular piece off BUT they had a one piece harness (also on sale)still. So I registered an account just to review the piece. Just in case they don’t approve it. Here’s my review

    “While it provided nice support and my wife said I looked quite dapper wearing it, I found it was a little drafty. Because it’s leather I was expecting to both look stylish and be comfortable, however I was disappointed how little warmth this piece provided in the evening hours. I would also note to those considering purchasing this piece that most establishments do not consider this a proper shirt. I was quite embarrassed when restaurant management asked my family to leave as I was violating their dress code. I’m not certain if Sirloin Steakhouse has adopted a formal wear requirement but the evening was ruined regardless. So beware!”

    Also the screen name ReganFan63 was already taken! Darn it!

  • TK

    Faux leather? The model wearing this is wearing the arm bands to low, the harness is a joke and the thong? Anything but leather. This is a Sears joke and a bad one to say the least. If you’re going to buy fetish wear, at least have the common sense to hit a store that specializes in it. Sears wouldn’t know what a harness is used for or the significant wearing of arm bands!

  • Alice

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