Steven Saleh Central Figure In Two Drug Deaths

Dean Johnson Death Investigation Continues

It’s slow going down in DC, where coppers are still investigating the sudden, mysterious death of New York nightlife legend Dean Johnson.

Johnson and another man, Jeremy Conklin, died just days apart in former government employee Steven Saleh’s high rise apartment. Both Johnson and Conklin knew Saleh as escorts.

While authorities are still waiting on toxicology reports, things aren’t looking good for Saleh, who’s taking a lot of heat:

…Saleh has emerged as a mystery figure in the deaths of the two gay men.

Police have declined to say whether he is a suspect because no evidence has emerged that a crime has been committed, police said.

Johnson’s friends have said Johnson told them Saleh is a former federal government employee who sought disability status for what he claimed was a work-related injury. Johnson reportedly described Saleh’s apartment as a “mini pharmacy,” the friends have said, because Saleh was taking a large number of prescription drugs.

Saleh told police that he had given Johnson a sleeping pill before his death. The politico also said Conklin took a pill before dying, but didn’t say whether or not he provided it. Either way, Saleh’s got a lot of explaining to do…

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  • dc10001

    Will you kindly ‘read’ the stories before you regurgitate them in your lazy-ass posts ? You have advanced Gay-D-D and it’s not cute…The Washington Blade speculated that Saleh ‘may also have met Saleh through Conklin’s occasional work as an escort’. You conclude: “Both Johnson and Conklin knew Saleh as escorts.” Dude. Wrong. Conklin posted on Craigslist for a short-term roommate situation in DC. The young man is dead. I have no judgement against escorts, but I do have judgment against dispective queens obliviously mulching details for blog fodder.

  • J

    I see no great daylight between the Blade’s sentences and the Queerty sentence, re: escorting. dc10001’s hissy fit seems to rest on the fact that “Conklin posted on Craigslist for a short-term roommate situation in DC.”

    Conklin’s friends have stated he was escorting, and if you believe the Craigslist M4M category is a roommate service, I have a bridge in Brooklyn you may want to acquire.

  • dc_vote_now

    I’m guessing they will find these guys died from overdoses of oxycontin, perhaps combined with other painkillers or anti-depressants. Steven Saleh has talked about having fibromyalgia, whatever that is, as the source of his pain. However, he has been overheard to say he takes huge amount of morphine (or oxycontin). And to offer it to other people. He has hundreds of pills at any given time in his apartment. I’m wondering what the search warrent found.

  • dc10001

    Go ahead J, put the dead boy in another box…Saleh was, in his own words, in no condition to seek out sex at the time of Conklin’s visit, as he was experiencing an extended, painful flare-up of his disease. He thought someone should be with him. The ‘great daylight’ you’re missing is the truth. It so often gets lost when errors and speculations get amplified through the blogosphere. Don’t be such a sap.

  • J

    I’ll decline your invitation to rely on the word of an out-of-work, drug-addled man who has hosted two dead guests in his apartment within one week.

    In the meantime, my post only repeated the Blade and Queerty’s summation of what was provided by the dead boy’s own friends: that he escorted at times, and that the brief living accommodations in DC for this on-again-off-again escort were a mysterious concern to his own boyfriend.

    That isn’t a smear, it is a repetition of information provided by Conklin’s own friends and boyfriend.

  • dc10001

    My point- clearly lost on a self-involved queen with the need be right at all costs- is that the people who’s lives and deaths we are talking about, their motives and their actions are far more nuanced and complex than the broad-brush stereotypical picture you are typically going to get from the press. It sucks worse that these biases and inaccuracies are echoed and amplified through queerty. I assumed a gay blog’s readers would want better- my bad.
    Two drug-addicted hustlers died in DC, one with a huge hard-on. There.

  • J

    Well if your insights are much clearer and more nuanced than mine, Queerty’s, the Blade’s, or any of us “gay blog’s readers” why don’t you jot down your wisdom and provide such to the DC police, or perhaps a civilian essay for the op-ed pages of the Blade would suffice to keep us in stitches. You can kick off your piece by explaining to all us dimwhits how Craigslist M4M is really just a variant of

  • dc10001

    I’ve already provided many details to the DC Police, to reporters from the mainstream and gay press. Just keep stepping in your own shit…

  • G.

    This unseemly crowd of people make me embarrased to be gay.

  • John

    I dont know who the press spoke with about Jeremy being an escort in the past, But I can speak for myself, John Allen I know things get twisted around very much when you talk to reporters. TRUST ME I KNOW FIRST HAND! I made as accurate and truthful descriptions of my boyfriend Jeremy, I cant begin to say how much stuff has been said not only in the papers but in the videos as well, that is so untrue,
    and when I have been quoted it is placed all out of context….end result I dont speak with them anymore. The only peace that I have in all of what is said is I knew the real Jeremy, and you CAN NOT beleave everything you read. I have nothing to gain by this, other than to give as much of a clear description of Jeremy its only fair to him.
    I Know he wasn’t going down there to escort!
    I was on the phone with him multiple times that weekend,Hell I brought him to the subway stop on Friday. I was the last one who loved and loves Jeremy to see him alive.
    It kills me who the media has ripped this apart. But I remember me and Jeremy’s talk and I remember what he told me he had done in his past.
    But he did not go down to sleep with some old crippled man.
    If anyone feels to respond to this feel free to send me an email, [email protected]
    thank you,

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