Dean Recalls Little In Deposition Video
They say the camera adds ten pounds, but Howard Dean’s looking pretty gaunt in this video from his discrimination discovery deposition.

Those of you keeping up remember that former DNC Gay & Lesbian Leadership Council chair Donald Hitchcock filed the suit after being sacked days after his boyfriend, Paul Yandura’s 2006 open letter criticizing the organization’s lackluster gay policies. Hitchcock alleges that the DNC and Chairman Dean unfairly fired him and later worked to defame his character.

In this snippet of Dean’s testimony, the former presidential candidate seems unsure of who he promised what during his Chairmanship. For example, the visibly irritated Dean can’t quite recall whether he spoke to LGBT constituents, nor can he recount making a “specific pledge” on maintaining the gay outreach desk.

Dean’s also asked whether he recalls reading a February 3, 2006, article from The Washington Blade in which Lou Chibbaro writes about how the DNC “abolished” the gay outreach desk, despite Dean’s previous promises.

Democratic National Committee Chair Howard Dean has abolished the Democratic Party’s constituent outreach desks, including the post of director of lesbian and gay outreach.

When Dean campaigned for the DNC chair post last February, he stated in a questionnaire prepared by the DNC gay caucus that he favored retaining a full-time gay outreach director’s post.

Dean can’t recall whether or not he saw the article. He initially says that he may have – “I don’t think I had given up on the Blade at this point, so I probably did read it… I just don’t recall reading this at all.” – but when pressed on the matter, Dean’s memory gets a little foggy. “I just don’t recall reading this at all.” He cannot say for certain certain whether he discussed the article with anyone. And, no, he also doesn’t remember getting the aforementioned questionnaire.

The memory really is the first to go, huh?

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  • K. Foster

    My God, the man has the memory of Alberto Gonzales or a common garden slug.

  • fredo777

    Look at how he keeps swallowing.


  • Kevin Naff

    As the editor of the Blade, I challenge Howard Dean to specify the facts/stories the paper supposedly got wrong over the years. The DNC has NEVER called me in the past few years to say we got a fact wrong and needed to run a correction.

    His disdain for the gay press is obvious in his sneering, arrogant testimony. He cannot question the paper’s credibility like this without offering some specifics.

    If we got something wrong, we’ll correct it. But the DNC needs to give me specifics. Until then, it’s just more anti-gay rhetoric. I’m waiting, Mr. Dean.

  • Charley

    The DNC needs to quietly settle this case before it blows away the election. Gay/faith issues are gaining bigger coverage on CNN thanks to Anderson Cooper. Will Pentacostal pastor and DNC cheif of staff, Leah Daughtrey invite Donnie McClurkin to sing gospel at the convention in Denver ? Both are against gay marriage.

  • Charley

    Kevin Naff,
    I am in the process of filming Pentacostal pastor Leah Daughtrey preaching and annointing her flock with oil, as did Ashcroft with Crisco. When complete, I will put it on YouTube and my new blog, (under construction)
    How does her preaching demeanor differ from Obama’s pastor in Chicago ? Not since “Dance of the Hours” in Disney’s Fantasia have you seen anything to equal it.

  • M Shane

    It really irritates me, now that I’m reminded, they just called me for money afew days ago and went ono & on about him. Wish I’d thought. This is really something they have to come to terms with and get out of the air. I can’t see that this situation would persist.I think that Dean is maybe too shortfused and disconnected to be in that position. I can’t believe that he would just clear out the lgbt desks; seems prety extremeeven for him.

  • M Shane

    I suspect that you’re right, Charley, much more than many gay people are willing to believe. With that huge voting block of religious fanatics and their curious & ignorant obsesion
    with a single social issue or two, it’s important to get by that issue, while the election has still not occured. Just more right wing ammo. With regard, I’m hoping to a number of things they are walking on eggshells untill they get into a possition for action. I don’t believe that the DFL is as indifferent as some poeple like to paint it. Politics, even well intended, is unfortunately not as uncontrived as people want.

  • Dave


  • Dave

    blink blink blink blink blink blink blink blink swallow blink blink blink blink swallow scowl “I do not recall that.” blink blink blink blink blink blink blink blink swallow blink swallow blink “No, I don’t recall that.” blink blink blink blink blink blink blink blink blink blink blink blink blink “No, I don’t recall that, either.” swallow blink blink blink blink blink blink blink blink blink blink blink blink blink blink………

  • Dave

    Ohmygod, he’s blinking in Morse code, like a P.O.W.! “We… screwed… Hitch… cock……. Give… us… your… pink… dollars… Do… not… ask… questions………”

  • H'MO

    1. Kevin Naff claims to be editor of a paper, but demonstrates a lack of professional understanding of that position, and his credibility and professional ethics come into question when he takes on the role of a blogger. If the Blade is so committed to their position(s) print them all in your paper’s editorials for ALL to read – not just this blogg where each “story” on average gets 5-15 hits.

    2. Chairman Dean was clearly comfortable during the clip posted and “ready for his close up.” But were Yandura and Hitchcock? Given their deposition’s absence on “YouTube” it’s obvious they have much to hide. Point being that it’s one thing to “read” their soap opera – but the true story will only be learned when they have the honesty and integrity to let us “watch” it.

  • DenverGrrl

    I think Mr. Hitchcock has nothing to hide, and I hear that he will post all court documents very soon for the public to see. If he does, maybe H’Mo will see the light.

    Kudos to Mr. Naff for taking a stand.

  • H'MO

    DG – “posting” documents is one thing…but Yandura, et al, have set the standard for disclosure by posting a 5 minute clip of a several hour deposition (hhhmmm?)by Chairman Dean. If they have nothing to hide – in fair play they need to post the clip(s). Quid pro quo.

  • Charley

    I have met Howard Dean and he is a likeable guy. He is in a difficult position. Not everyone is clamoring for gay approval, lest of all, the candidates and their religious backers.
    So what do we do?
    We give directly to the candidates. I am holding my $2,300.00 to give to the Democratic candidate to go against McCain, but it will go directly to that candidate.
    Lately, due to the Obama “spiritual advisor” crazy person, I am leaning more towards Hilary.

  • Brian Miller

    Kevin Naff claims to be editor of a paper, but demonstrates a lack of professional understanding of that position, and his credibility and professional ethics come into question when he takes on the role of a blogger.

    God, the Democratic Party spin is so furious that I’m expecting tornadoes to rip through DC any minute now!

    Naff has not only blogged about the issue, but also posted his opinions on the Blade’s web site and printed editorials about it within his paper.

    All this talk about “ethics” would be hilarious if it wasn’t so double-standards-laced by obvious partisan hacks from the DNC. Naff has said everything in public, above board, and reported just the facts — and nothing but the facts.

    His story has NEVER changed.

    It’s the DNC who have been caught in numerous lies not only about this case, but many other gay issues.

    It’s the DNC staff who went on Pat Robertson’s TV show and then lied, claiming they didn’t know Dean would be on it — until they got called out by the 700 Club itself with e-mail records.

    It was the DNC staff who sent attorneys to bully and threaten the staff at the Washington Blade.

    It was the DNC’s chair, Howard Dean, who claimed that the Democrats’ platform opposed gay marriage, and who said that civil unions “make him uncomfortable” back when he was forced into signing the VT CU bill by the Vermont Supreme Court.

    It’s the DNC who is sending some of its highest ranking staff on to Queerty to defame Mr. Hitchcock, toss around insults, and sully his good name.

    These folks, and their supporters, are in absolutely no position to lecture anybody about “ethics.”

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