Dean Recalls Little In Deposition Video
They say the camera adds ten pounds, but Howard Dean’s looking pretty gaunt in this video from his discrimination discovery deposition.

Those of you keeping up remember that former DNC Gay & Lesbian Leadership Council chair Donald Hitchcock filed the suit after being sacked days after his boyfriend, Paul Yandura’s 2006 open letter criticizing the organization’s lackluster gay policies. Hitchcock alleges that the DNC and Chairman Dean unfairly fired him and later worked to defame his character.

In this snippet of Dean’s testimony, the former presidential candidate seems unsure of who he promised what during his Chairmanship. For example, the visibly irritated Dean can’t quite recall whether he spoke to LGBT constituents, nor can he recount making a “specific pledge” on maintaining the gay outreach desk.

Dean’s also asked whether he recalls reading a February 3, 2006, article from The Washington Blade in which Lou Chibbaro writes about how the DNC “abolished” the gay outreach desk, despite Dean’s previous promises.

Democratic National Committee Chair Howard Dean has abolished the Democratic Party’s constituent outreach desks, including the post of director of lesbian and gay outreach.

When Dean campaigned for the DNC chair post last February, he stated in a questionnaire prepared by the DNC gay caucus that he favored retaining a full-time gay outreach director’s post.

Dean can’t recall whether or not he saw the article. He initially says that he may have – “I don’t think I had given up on the Blade at this point, so I probably did read it… I just don’t recall reading this at all.” – but when pressed on the matter, Dean’s memory gets a little foggy. “I just don’t recall reading this at all.” He cannot say for certain certain whether he discussed the article with anyone. And, no, he also doesn’t remember getting the aforementioned questionnaire.

The memory really is the first to go, huh?