Dean Testimony Addresses Faith, Gay Tensions

The Democratic Party prides itself on inclusion. Unfortunately, the so-called “big tent” doesn’t always have room for everyone.

Earlier this week we discussed how the Democratic National Committee’s Faith In Action initiative dabbled in anti-gay politics ahead of the 2006 election. That wasn’t the first time, of course, that religion and sexuality have come into conflict. Some of you may recall that Chairman Howard Dean once appeared on Pat Robertson’s 700 Club, on which Dean infamously “misspoke” about the party’s marriage stance. That is, he erroneously said they believe marriage should remain between a man and a woman. The gays were not pleased, to say the least.

That appearance came up during Dean’s testimony in the ongoing discrimination discovery filed by former gay outreach leader Donald Hitchcock, who claims the DNC fired him in retaliation for boyfriend Paul Yandura’s public criticism of the party. In this video, Dean again claims he thought he was going on an ABC Family show, not the 700 Club, a broadcast he equates with the “biased” and “hate-mongering” right wing.

Dean does admit, however, that he knew his remarks would be aired on a religious show. He also discusses the consistent conflict between religious and gay leaders within the party. He cannot, of course, remember any specifics. Convenient.

Meanwhile, we hear that thousands of pages from the discovery will soon be released. We’ll keep you posted. Hitchcock and the DNC sit down next week for closed door mediations. Will they hammer out a deal or will Dean be offering more testimony in a trial? Stay tuned…