Dear Faggy Returns

dear abby

Another month, another Dear Abby column involving some poor woman who lacks even an ounce of gaydar. We still get a kick out of the Texas women who had no idea she was a fag hag for most of her life.

Now we hear from “Shattered in South Carolina,” who describes an image we’ve seen much too often in some cheap gay porn.

I came home and caught my husband, “Wes,” in bed having sex with my brother. It was a shock, to say the least. That evening, they had gone to a bar and drank heavily. Someone gave them a pill of unknown origin. Wes says he doesn’t remember anything until I walked in and started slapping some sense into him.

We didn’t think anyone bought the “I was drunk. I didn’t know what I was doing” excuse anymore.

Abby’s response is much nicer than what our own response would have been. Lady, he’s a big old ‘mo!

Abbey’s polite response after the jump.

[Dear Abby]

DEAR SHATTERED: One thing is certain, you won’t be able to “forget” until you get the whole truth about what happened that night. I find it highly questionable that both your husband and your brother would accept a “magic pill” from a stranger that suddenly rendered two presumably straight men bisexual. The question you should be asking isn’t how you can forget, but how long their affair has been going on. You need honest answers, and you also need to understand that you are not alone with this problem.

You and your husband are overdue for marriage counseling, and for your own sanity, please contact the Straight Spouse Network. The members of this unique organization are current or former heterosexual spouses/partners of gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender mates and mixed-orientation couples. They offer, from the vantage point of experience, personal, confidential support and resource information that can help you. The Web site is Please don’t wait to contact them.