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Dear James Franco: Howard Bragman Would Love You To Come Out On His Show (Even If You’re Straight)

That would be a great scandal! I’d love that, are you kidding? Robert Redford would end up making a movie about it. You’re talking to a publicist here, okay? That would be beyond my wildest dreams if some young, hot stud pretends he’s gay to get on the show! I hope that happens. And I hope he’s a stud and he hits on the host of the show.

—Howard Bragman certainly wouldn’t mind if straight actors used his upcoming show Coming Out to pretend to be gay just to get some airtime [via]

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  • Devon

    Go. Away. Bragman.

  • L.

    And where exactly does he mention James Franco? In the pay-per-click business model description?

  • Marcus

    I could so see James Franco doing that LOL

  • Sapphocrat

    Bragman?! You mean Doug Manchester’s personal cocksu– I mean, turd-polisher?

  • Honestly

    What a douche.

  • aalan brickman

    Howard is another gay you wish was really straight……and then go away….

  • MMDD

    Well, that just totally kills the credibility and value of his show. He’s clearly been watching way too much gay porn.

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