Dear Mika, Why Are You Such A Sell Out?
You know what we hate even more than famous people who make dough off intentional sexual ambiguity? Famous people who blow up and start shilling for corporations, such as Verizon, or popular television shows. It’s even worse when they try to manipulate a song’s meaning to fit the popular television show’s message.

Take, for example, Mika’s explanation for adapting “Big Girl” for ABC’s Ugly Betty:

Betty is a real fashion icon and we should celebrate anyone like her – genuine individuals who stay true to their own identity. That’s what Big Girl is all about so it was the perfect fit to change the song for her. It was a huge honor to be asked to do it. I love the show

Remember when Mika’s first single, “Grace Kelly” came out? Everyone lauded the kid for standing up for his beliefs and refusing to conform to record label standards. Now it’s clear: he must have been holding out for bigger bucks.