Dear Mika, Why Are You Such A Sell Out?
You know what we hate even more than famous people who make dough off intentional sexual ambiguity? Famous people who blow up and start shilling for corporations, such as Verizon, or popular television shows. It’s even worse when they try to manipulate a song’s meaning to fit the popular television show’s message.

Take, for example, Mika’s explanation for adapting “Big Girl” for ABC’s Ugly Betty:

Betty is a real fashion icon and we should celebrate anyone like her — genuine individuals who stay true to their own identity. That’s what Big Girl is all about so it was the perfect fit to change the song for her. It was a huge honor to be asked to do it. I love the show

Remember when Mika’s first single, “Grace Kelly” came out? Everyone lauded the kid for standing up for his beliefs and refusing to conform to record label standards. Now it’s clear: he must have been holding out for bigger bucks.

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  • Eminent Victorian

    Because Mika is DESPERATE to be known, that’s why. But he’s staring to hate us American fags because we’re so just not interested. Which: hurrah. Ugly Betty’s not a bad show, so it’s too bad somebody thought it would be a good idea to use Mika to schill it.

  • scottg

    Um, well the fact that fan boys were lauding Mika was always silly. Before Grace Kelly came out, Mike’s “Love Today” was already being used as the background for a verizon commercial. So at the exact time you were saying how great he was, he was already taking the corporate bucks. Why must we all make people either a saint or a sinner?

  • ToddC

    Bah.. I think the whole thing about gays not liking Mika is overrated. We are individuals, not a mass of people liking and disliking universally. I like Mika for what he is — ever so light poppy gimmicktry. I don’t like how he’s not willing to come out, but I do love Ugly Betty and the song works well for the topic.

  • JJS

    How could it not be predictable that Mika would “sell out”?? I mean, I’m not a fan at all…but did anyone have faith in his artistic integrity? As a major label artist, it’s practically his job to “sell out”. Plus, if Ugly Betty wanted you to do a promo…would you turn it down? I wouldn’t.

  • Honeymaid

    I like Mika, you bitches that are all miffed about him not being completely open with his sexuality are just looking for a reason to hate. So what if he doesn’t tell, he’s got good music that I like, and as long as he doesn’t outright start spewing hatred, I’ll continue liking his music.

    So what if he’s making money, corporate or not, I don’t honestly care, that’s how the world works, with money.

  • james_boston

    Dear Queerty,

    Why are you so obsessed with Mika and his stupid music? I’ve heard better crap in elevators.

  • Gregg

    I’ve enjoyed Mika’s music, but his performance on So You Think You Can Dance SUCKED! He lost a huge audience there, I’m sure.

  • widespectrum

    Sell out? For having some fun? Ugly Betty is a fun show and only a musical snob would have said no. If he wants to be ambiguous let him be its not your problem. His job is to make money from his music just like yours is making money placing ads anywhere they will fit. A little over the top if you asked me.

  • bloomsburyboy

    I don’t see this as selling out. It’s a perfect fit. They’re both sort of campy and fun, and I’m about 99% sure that his music has been featured in the background of the show before, so even if it were selling out you’d be about five months late.

    And you definitely don’t represent all gays in disliking him either. I love him, and I know several others who like him as well. Of course, maybe there’s an age distinction here; maybe it’s us gays under 25 or so (ya know, the youthful ones that actually matter to advertisers and the like) that like him and it’s mostly older sticks-in-the-mud who have nothing better to do than criticize him.

  • abelincoln

    Who is Mika? Does he do something?

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