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Death Threats Against Maine Marriage Foes? … Adam Lambert Post-Break-Up

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→ Are gay marriage opponents in Maine receiving death threats from radical activists?

→ How New York City’s homeless LGBT youth are surviving with nowhere else to go.

→ For all the good gay things about the House’s healthcare reform bill, just how concerned should we be that it uses the term “spouse”?

Playgirl talking head Daniel Nardicio, who’s been working on Levi Johnston’s shoot, is sorry for offending all the ladies of the magazine.

→ Speaking of Levi, guess who’s in a custody battle.

→ Just because Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert left a progressive Baptist church to join an anti-gay one doesn’t mean he hates the homos.

→ Should HRC’s Joe Solmonese start holding public town halls like Obama?

→ Happy Veteran’s Day. Now how about letting gays become military veterans without getting kicked out?

→ Adam Lambert is “doing good” post-break-up, says Kris Allen.

→ Why is Glee‘s Chris Colfer suddenly so coy about his sexuality?

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  • YellowRanger

    The Insurance Company Profit Protection Act of 2009: After seing how easily they tossed women under the bus in the house, I’m convinced none of the overtly gay friendly amendments will make it through the senate anyway; so I’m not sure how much the terminology even matters.

    Levi: Blah blah blah history of Playgirl…Where’s the beef already? But hey, custody battle, nice. Keep that going through 2012. That should make a nice distraction for Scarah…

    HRC townhalls: That would, at the very least, be good for a laugh.

    Kris Allen & Adam Lambert: I’ll be buying both albums.

    That guy from Glee: If he doesn’t want to talk about it, he doesn’t want to talk about it. Plenty of straight actors don’t discuss their private lives, this really isn’t any different.

  • Attmay

    “Are gay marriage opponents in Maine receiving death threats from radical activists?”

    Promises, promises. Anyone smart enough to carry it out wouldn’t leave a potential victim voice mail.

  • Gorbeh

    The death threat was prolly staged. Have some bigots dress up in rainbow or something and threaten people. Wouldn’t put it past the right.

  • Keith Kimmel

    The story about NYC homeless is touching and informative.

  • romeo

    Note that it’s a Fox affiliate making a production out of the death threats. Says it all right there that it’s a bunch of crap.

  • Brian

    Death threats from activists? Sounds like the crazies from Dallas.

  • fuzzypony

    Death threats? Oh noes! /sarcasm

    Well, now they’ve got some idea of how *we* feel.

  • Robert, NYC

    Gorbeh, I agree with that, its all staged by fake LGBT people. Goes to show how sick and demented these NOM people are. Totally irrational. Its one of the oldest tricks in the book.

    Only yesterday, Sean Hannity of Fox News used footage from a September tea bagger demonstration organized by arch homophobe Glen Beck to bolster right wing psycho talker homophobe Michelle Bachman’s demo in Washington, last weekend, giving the impression that it was far bigger than people thought. It was noted that the September demo displayed very green trees, while this past saturday’s demo displayed the identical footage. How could trees be vivid green in November?

  • Swarm

    The gaydar needs an adjustment. Not surprisingly, Queerty is mum on the recent Rolling Stone interview published this week with Lambert.

    The Rolling Stone interview in which Lambert doses out a testosterone filled good old fashioned bitch slap to Gene Simmons for once more rudely homophobing about Lambert’s sexuality and professional choices during a recent Howard Stern appearance.

    Or was Lambert’s statement just too hetero and not fitting the narrative Queerty choses to portray?

  • romeo

    Yeah, Queerty. Adam called Gene a “dick” (finally !). That should rate thread here.

  • Bianca

    Good for Adam! That scumbug Simmons has thrown insults his was a few times, including equating his gayness to bestiality. I’m surprised Adam kept his cool for so long.

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