Death Threats for Newly Out Minnesota Teen, School Plans Investigation


Coming out isn’t what it used to be! Except when it is, sometimes.

After Ryan Eichenauer came out on Facebook as mostly-gay in December, threats and harassment started popping up at school.

“No one likes the fact that you are alive. No one likes the way you show your sexuality,” said one note. “I protect the house of god from fags like you. … Fucking kill yourself already.”

To their credit, Centennial High School in Circle Pines, Minnesota is on the case. They launched an investigation and are working with the police to track down the source of the note, which someone left on Ryan’s desk.

Of course, in recent memory a couple of incidents like this have turned out to be false. Ryan’s addressed those who suspect him of fabricating the notes, writing on Facebook, “I’ve gotten much criticism and people claiming that ‘things don’t add up’ and they really don’t. I wish they did, then I could have some form of answer for you all. Other people claim that I wrote this myself and that is NOT true. Most human beings like attention, its a basic human craving, but right now I hate it.”

He’s indicated that he’d like some privacy, which is a fair request. High school’s lousy enough without having to deal with this unpleasant mystery. We’ll be sending supportive thoughts his way, and hope that whoever wrote the note is able to get the help that they clearly need.