Debra Messing Handles Creeps Sending Her Unsolicited Nude Photos Like A Boss


Creeps of all sexual orientations be warned: Your unsolicited dick pics are fair game on social media.

One creep in particular recently learned this the hard way after sending a photo of his nether regions to Debra Messing via Instagram.

The former Will & Grace and current Mysteries of Laura star wasn’t having it. No real shocker there — nobody like unsolicited dick picks. Any Grindr or Scruff user can attest to that.

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But Messing didn’t let the incident slide, standing up for non-creeps everywhere.

First she alerted her Twitter followers of the unwelcome message:

Shortly after, she tweeted a pixelated version of the photo and wrote, “RESPECT WOMEN. RESPECT YOURSELVES.” Superimposed over the image, it says “Sending pix like this Is NEVER OK.”

What she didn’t pixelate was the guys profile pic.

Messing: 1; dick pic guy: 0.