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Debra Messing opens up about how the new “Will & Grace” became reality

Seth Myers is asking Debra Messing all the tough questions regarding a certain reboot of a certain late ’90s-early-aughts sitcom about a certain gay man and his bff.

You know, like: “Was it fun?”

Whoa there Woodward, let the lady take a breath before you start in on your gotcha journalism.

“We were stunned at how fun it was,” Messing courageously replies. She’ll be playing the titular “Grace” opposite Eric McCormack’s “Will” in NBC’s upcoming Will & Grace episodes.

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The host did move on to some more interesting revelations, though, like how the new project came together. In a word: Trump.

Before the election, you may remember the W&G gang joining forces for a short skit about the state of our political and social landscape. Well, it was a hit.

“Because that little skit got 7 million views – NBC, they were like, ‘wait a second,’” Messing explains in the above interview.

Watch the second half of interview below:

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  • ChrisK

    Dirty dancing wasn’t my thing but it was most definitely an event movie in 1987.

  • He BGB

    The new guy #45 is the gift that keeps on giving for comedy. He pronounced Beyonce, beyoncy. And can’t pronounce Middle Eastern leaders names *I can’t either but I’m not president or have all those smart people around me). It looks more and more like he will be impeached. But then as I’ve been saying since day 1, the 2nd new guy ha been keeping his nose clean just waiting for his chance and as the Wizard if Oz said she’s even worse than the other (witch the house fell on).

    • MediaGuy

      Impeached for what you moron? Beating Hillary? That was easy. Can you ever just get used to the fact that Hillary lost and didn’t even come out on the stage at the Javitz center to thank her supporters, but instead sent John Podesta out to tell them all to uber back to Mom’s basement because there was nothing to see there. And to respond to your next whine if she got so many more votes, then WTF is she not president? You gotta be really stoopid to get more votes and still not be president. The special prosecutor now increases the chances that Trump will prosecute Hillary for sedition or just for being an as*hole. So, Chuckie Cheese Shumer, you shoulda been careful what you asked for.

    • Low Country Boy

      Obviously, Mediaguy, you do not understand the United States Constitution and the Electoral College. Do your research before you post such puerile rants. And, by the way, Debra Messing is NOT a cow (your post below). Go troll on other websites.

  • Richard 55

    Debra’s dress looks stupid. She needs to dress in a way that reflects her level of maturity. I can already tell the new Will and Grace is going to flop.

  • MediaGuy

    The only one of the cast who has put on any weight since this stoopid sh*it went off the air is Messing. Now she’s a cow and that show still ain’t funny. Let it go. Or at least give us a remake or a revival of Gilligan’s Island with a super hot Gilligan going commando. Seriously, Will and Grace? Please gurl.

  • Kenney G

    I hope they keep it the same as before 2 gay men who have straight female best friends

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