Debra’s Mom Thinks Jackie’s Just Jealous

Violence totally bums us out. Good thing we emailed our old, youthful friend Jack Pierson yesterday to see if he was going to a certain party. He sadly informed us he wasn’t attending, but did send us some video of his friend and The Cock DJ, John Roberts.

The amateur auteur’s filmed two shorts (that we know of), one of which features a mama fawning over her Christmas pine. Sure, it’s funny, but ain’t nothing compared to Roberts’ take on feuding high school females in “Why Jackie And I Are No Longer BFF”.

We’ve gone ahead and posted it after the jump. Give it a twirl and let us know what you think.
Now that you’ve experienced the mania of the Debra/Jackie feud, head over to watch the aforementioned X-Mas video. Then be sure to send Roberts a YouTube message of love.

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