DEBUNKED: Gays, Pro-Choicers Should Feel Free To Order From Domino’s Pizza

Sometimes a company declares war on the gay community and a boycott is justified. (We’re looking at you, Chick-fil-a.) But sometimes a boycott is called hastily—or goes on so long that the reasons for it are forgotten. At least since the 1990s, we’ve been told to never order from Domino’s Pizza because it donates money to anti-gay and anti-choice groups. It’s become such a truism we can’t even remember when it started.
Well, thanks to the efforts of Queerty reader Steven K., we’ve learned we can once again order ourselves a large MeatZZa Feast and some stuffed cheesy bread. (Don’t judge!)

Steven came across an old Queerty post that listed Domino’s as one of ten companies that hate the Gays. Other sites have similarly painted the company as homophobic. After all, founder Tom Monaghan financed a 2001 ballot initiative to remove sexual orientation from Ypsilanti, Michigan’s, non-discrimination ordinance. And he’s a staunch pro-lifer—having given tons of money to groups like Operation Rescue and the Committee to End State-Funded Abortions in Michigan.

Incensed, Steven reached out to Domino’s to find out what was going on and get himself removed from its mailing list. But Steve got a reply from Domino’s Vice President of Communications, Tim McIntyre, that seems to dispel some of the notions about the pizza purveyor:

Thanks for writing because it gives me the opportunity to make the record clear about some things…

Mr. Monaghan (the founder of the company) is a conservative Catholic, yes. But, he sold Domino’s Pizza in 1998. We went public in 2004 and the stuff written here about David Brandon is completely false…plus, he left the company in 2010. Out of date, factually incorrect.We are an extremely diverse company, with 9,700 stores in 72 countries, owned independently by thousands of individuals. We employ 185,000 people around the world. There is a large number of gay and lesbian employees, franchise owners and executives in our company, including two vice presidents. We recently began providing benefits to all married couples, same-sex or otherwise.

What Mr. Monaghan stands for and does is his business, but he does not represent Domino’s Pizza. He is the founder, yes, but he’s one individual, and he’s been gone a long time. The company has never been “anti-gay” and in fact, we are going to be a sponsor of a gay Pride festival in St. Louis later this summer.

Say what you will about our pizza—that’s up to you. But if you’re going to let your judgment of our company to be based on bogus information, I would encourage you to reconsider.

Thanks for taking the time to write.


Tim McIntyre
Vice President, Communications
Domino’s Pizza, LLC

We researched McIntyre’s claims and they seem to be accurate. Even Snopes, the legendary myth-debunking site, corroborates.

Now, Domino’s has a ways to go to be considered pro-gay: The company only scored a 35 on HRC’s Corporate Equality Index last year. But so did Archer Daniels Midland—and their corn syrup is in everything. (Dole Foods only scored a 30.)

And, sure, Monaghan still probably makes some money from his remaining links to Domino’s. But when was the last time you investigated the individual shareholders of a company you bought from?

As to whether Domino’s Pizza tastes good—well, as McIntyre says, that’s up to you.

Photos via Domino’s Pizza, Anthjay

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  • J

    Look! They are anti-gay okay? Why should gays buy their wares? They are only saying they’re not anti-gay because of the times now.

    The whole world is anti-gay.The world is heterosexist.And here you are showing that this guy says his company has never been anti-gay? Please! This whole “homophobes are a small and religious community” is bullshit.Most people are homophobes.

    Boycott them for good.Done accept forgiveness unless you have no self-respect.

  • Steve

    Thank you for the update, Dan. Clearly, Domino’s is not “pro-gay”, but the company is also not more anti-gay than most. We cannot boycott every company that is not pro-gay — we do have to buy food and clothing, and everything else.

    Boycott’s can be effective tools. They can get the attention of a company’s managers, and can help them to decide to change their policies. But, after the policies are changed, it is time to move on. And, after the attention span of the public is expired, they really serve no ongoing purpose.

  • Snownova

    @J: By your logic all gays should go camp out in the woods and forage for our own food and make tools out of twigs and stones because we couldnt buy ANYTHING.

    I’m sorry you feel so persecuted and recommend you relocate to a more friendly environment, like Western Europe or Canada.

    But to be honest, not every company has to be blatantly pro-gay, for at least half of the worlds’ population being neutral on the subject is the best we can hope for and I’d be content with that. If they aren’t against us they are with us.

    So as long as Domino’s is not actively funding anti-gay organizations anymore, I’ll happily order pizza’s from them.

  • MM

    Holy Moly, J!
    Seek some anger management. Not everything in life is a battle. It appears you may either be a disgruntled ex Domino’s delivery person or someone that’s been jaded by one. Perhaps you ordered a side of breadsticks and you were given hate sauce. The company is making an honest effort to back the LGBT community…and proven themselves. You seem to be quite the hypocrite. You want the world to accept you but you’re not willing to cut anyone who isn’t gay a break. Smile and be happy…the world is not out to get you!

  • Chuck

    Pizza has more calories than cake. Plus, what self respecting gay eats non-gourmet pizza anyways?

  • James-Clifton

    Can we continue to boycott them because their pizza tastes AWFUL?

  • JAW

    Interesting… The man seems pissed that we do not realize that they have changed… Perhaps they need to work with HRC to improve their rating… in may change next year if they are now offering partner benefits.

  • hi2u2

    Im surprised ADM got a 35. I live where their corporate HQ is located and You either work there, tate n lyle, or Caterpillar . So needless to say I know a lot of ADM employees. Those I know who are gay say they wouldn’t ever feel comfortable coming out at work. One even told me a supervisor said when talking about gays ‘accidents happen’. In the 90’s ADM was known as Another Dead Man due to numerous safety issues and a large number of employee deaths.

    Queerty got it right about their product being in everything. Pepsi and Coke both buy their corn syrup from ADM. Their just a start of the hundreds of thousands of companies that use ADM’s product. Boycotting them would be virtually impossible. It was actually done back in 95′ it ended with hundreds of protesters(including women and children) beaten, peppers-prayed and arrested. Granted it was to improve safety conditions. ADM never budged and the workers lost. So my hope for them improving quality of life for its gay employees is slim to none.

  • SFHarry

    1)Only offering benefits to married couples doesn’t help us in 40+ states. What do they offer to gay couple in those states?
    2)I would be interested in knowing what percentage of stock Monaghan owns. If he still owns a large percentage he is still becoming enriched by every gay purchase.
    3) have you seen their recent commercials that let the viewer know their pizza isn’t so shitty anymore. You really must have shitty pizza when you advertise like that.

  • MEJ


    Yeah, that letter did seem snippy.

  • Tone

    Having recently settled in a new community, my husband and I were stymied about who has good local pizza. This was also before we discovered Just-Eat. I suggested Domino’s and he said no we can’t get pizza from there, they’re anti-choice and anti-gay. So we did some quick Googling and found that was likely not the case anymore. In any event we were hungry so we went online and ordered some food from Domino’s.

    The one thing we forgot is that they have AWFUL pizza!

  • SLN

    @James-Clifton: If you’ve had it within the past year, they’ve vastly upgraded the recipe. As embarrassed as I ought to be to admit it, I actually rather like their pizza these days. Top quartile of my crappy-pizza bracket.

  • tazz602

    Actually Dominos Pizza has IMPROVED greatly – it is now my favorite delivered pizza and they offer some really good gourmet choices and toppings. But that isn’t the point.

    You all need to get the bee out of your butt – Gays still shop at Target, we forgave Coors even though they still bear the name of their homophobic founders and they are probably still getting money from it. At least Dominos is taking steps in the right direction and openly endorsing a gay pride event is no small potatoes if a company is trying to stay on the fence – it shows they are willing to go further. Other gay groups and pride events should court their local chains and see if they will go further and do more. Let’s give them the opportunity and chance to prove themselves.

  • Dick

    Has Domino’s left behind it’s founders hatred? Maybe. Have they improved their pizza? A little. Would I order it? Only in an emergency. Most local pizza places have as good if not better pizza.

  • sheva

    It’s doubtful Monaghan receives monies from Domino’s – he sold the entire business in 1998 and hasn’t been connected to it since.

    On the other hand, he sold it to Bain Capital, so it’s fair to say some of the money from pizza purchases goes to fund the Romney campaign.

  • Bipolar Bear

    When I was writing about boycotting Emirates Airlines recently, someone commented that you have to draw the line somewhere when it comes to political purchasing. It sounds like Domino’s have acquitted themselves in that regard. At least, unlike Emirates, no-one is dying or being thrown in jail because of their actions:

  • Sonnie

    A pizza emergency. :-)

    Find a local pizzaria that welcomes you and your loved one if you’re lucky enough to have one. Go there, and make friends with them — making sure that they know that you’re gay. It’s best that this isn’t in an in-your-face way (since that’s not so conducive to actual friendships). We’ve been going to such a place for 20 years. Small and local businesses provide many such opportunities. Chains pretty much don’t.

  • Alexi3

    Yes, boycotts can be effective when well focused and coordinated. One of the best was the Coors boycott in the ’70’s but only after Harvey Milk focused the boycott in Gay bars and clubs; until then it had been largely ineffective. However, onced focused Coors soon gave in. My point being, if you are going to boycott a company get your facts straight, get your ducks in a row, focus the boycott and recognize when you have won and move on, remembering to reward any company which changes its ways. Without this last step what incentive does any company have to address your concerns and demands.

  • Hyhybt

    @Sonnie: Everybody says that… but of the “small and local” pizza places I’ve eaten in, most have been *worse* than Domino’s. (Which isn’t bad… it’s just, even after improvements, not as good as Papa John’s or Pizza Hut.)

    Of course, you may live where there is an abundance of fine pizzerias. But if you had to go 20 miles out of town to get anything that isn’t one of those three chains, and if you knew there were a lot of *bad* pizza places out there as well as good ones…

  • JAW

    @Alexi3: You make a good point about the coors boycott… The fact that it could be measured by the number of bars that stopped selling it was easy. For individuals to boycott, it is much harder to measure success or failure.

    Target has done ok… did not miss a beat… Starbucks is doing great NOM’s boycott is a failure so far… Hell Most of us did not even know we were supposed to boycott Domino’s

    So unless we can find a group in each town across america that has been ordering say 20 pizzas a day from them… then it might be noticed… otherwise it would be a failure.

  • Charli Girl

    The person that left the comment” The world is not out to get you”
    I don’t think he or she is whining, I think that they are FINALLY sick and tired of being JUDGED by wh they love!
    And constantly every freaking day having to be treated as a 2nd class citizen’
    It’s TIME to call out the companies that fund the haters!
    R u freaking kidding me? I understand where u r coming from, but now is NOT the time
    to get lazy and take your eye off the ball my friend!
    Years and years I’ve been judged! Now is the time to fight for your civil rights!!!

  • Elloreigh

    Once the top people in a company ruin its name, that’s it for me. I don’t care that the Cracker Barrel guy is dead. I don’t care what changes Coors has made. I don’t care that Monaghan is gone from Dominoes. and the Darden chains (Olive Garden, Red Lobster, etc.) will never see another penny of my money. I’m an unforgiving SOB that way. Plus, I don’t have a lot of love for the HRC and so take their survey with a whopping dose of salt. I have better things to do with my life than figuring out who is good/who is bad this particular year. Companies that have been on the right side of the fight long term I’ll consider patronizing. Those whose top people actively sought to overturn our hard won protections have a special place in oblivion on my list, never to see a nickel from me again if I can help it. The mere thought that any fraction of their profit might end up in the hands of someone making sizable donating against my interests is enough to deter me from mercy.

    More to the point, they should do right by our community because it’s both the right thing to do and good for their business. The fact that they can’t win me personally back is immaterial.

  • Hyhybt

    @Elloreigh: Two obvious questions, then: first, why do you take a “once on my bad side, always there, no matter what” attitude, and second, if people are going to be like that then what motive would any company have to improve? Just the opposite: they’ve already lost you and those like you, and if they do the opposite of whatever real or imagined slight ticked you off then they’ll have those on the other side against them too.

    Why don’t you care? (And don’t go “oh, it’s just too HARD to know whether they’re really doing what I vaguely remember they might have done ages ago.” That’s a bunch of you-know-what, and you know it.)

  • Tony Pelliccio

    The thing about Dominoes is that I’d prefer to eat the box rather than the pizza. The pizzas are horrid.

  • dan

    Do you live in a world of fear? If so, I am sorry.
    But people’s ideas can change, and so what if they change with the trend, as long as they do.
    The world is not homophobic. If anything, it’s heterosexist. But that doesn’t mean it’s not changing.
    If we were to accept that things would never change, that people will always be the way they are now, then why do we cry fowl every time we’re downed?
    We do it to make change happen. And it will.

    Step out of the darkness, step away from fear.
    Accept that people can change for the better, and you’ll find less hate in your own heart as well.

  • J Stratford

    The biggest shareholder is still Monaghan. Should I give 50 cents to him for every $1 pf pizza I buy? Do I like pizza that much to hate myself half of the time?


    This queerty reporting sucks.

    Continue the boycott!!!!

  • J Stratford

    @Hyhybt: Dominos has never come out publicly apologizing for their anti gay stance. They just let it be. Some of us prefer that they make positive moves first… like an LGBT friendly work environment that is away from the fundamentalist corporate culture that they were founded on. or a simple public statement that they are now a different restaurant and do not believe in the founder’s anti gay philosophy.

    None like that has happened yet. Domino has not changed. It just stopped harrasing us because we wont let it whenever it tried. That does not mean it wont try again in the future. It might just be biding its time. The execs and Director levels of that company are still the same people that were hired by Monaghan.

  • Jimmy

    I like their pizza so even if that means putting my gay money in their hateful hsnds at the end of the day I’m right and what they do with their money is wrong.

  • Auntie Mame

    Pizza makes you fat.

  • Trip

    boycott or not, NO one should feel free to order from Domino’s if one actually enjoys pizza; ugh

  • paul-claude

    This article contains at least one misleading statement. does not have any record of debunking the “dominos is anti-gay” argument. The link purports to debunk the “dominos is pro-choice” argument. While the snopes article might provide a rationale to not consider Dominos anti-gay, it does not directly do so.
    I am in agreement with previous posts that believe that the boycott should continue until dominos does enough to warrant the support of the gay community, not only claiming to be neutral, but to publicly show support AND denounce its anti-gay origins. I believe in forgiveness only when there is active repentance.
    A 35 rating on HRC’s Index is hardly a supportive company for the LGBT community. (Equal with ADM for god’s sake!)

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