Deceased Transgender Teacher Subject Of Poem By 7-Year-Old Student

accrington-march-4-2948683Nearly 100 teachers, students and supporters marched through the streets of Accrington, England last Saturday to celebrate the life of Lucy Meadows, a transgender teacher who is believed to have committed suicide in March, and to campaign against bigotry.

Among them was a 7-year-old girl named Daisy Moreton (pictured), who carried a poem she’d written to express the impact the late teacher had on her fellow students.

Her poem read: “Makes you happy/ in high spirits/ smiles/ said kind things./ Made us feel good/ ever helpful/ always nice/ delightful/ one of a kind/ wonderful teacher/ scientist.”

The Manchester Evening News reports that rally was a success.

Organiser Debs Gwynn, the North West National Union of Teachers Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender representative, told the paper that the march was planned to allow the local community to show support and solidarity for what happened and to raise the issue of transphobia more widely.

“It was a great success, lots of people spoke at the end and they were keen to stress that they were there to support Lucy, her family and her colleagues,” Gwynn said. “They were there to say any kind of prejudice won’t be tolerated and links were made with other issues of people being targeted and scapegoated in society.”