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Defense Sec. Gates: Gay Discharges Back On, But Only If A Top General Nominates Ya

With a temporary stay in hand, the Department of Defense is still going to let gay soldiers get kicked out of the military — but it’ll take the signature of a freakin’ military branch secretary (like United States Marine Corps Gen. James Conway, who thinks you homos are a bunch of pussies), according to new guidance issued today by Defense Secretary Robert Gates. Meanwhile, an unnamed Pentagon attorney says DoD is “planning for multiple scenarios,” indicating the military is at least considering DADT could die via court ruling, not Congress.

Reads Gates’ memo, addressed to service chiefs, in part: “Effective immediately and until further notice, no military member shall be separated … without the personal approval of the secretary of the military department concerned, in coordination with the under secretary of Defense for personnel and readiness and the general counsel of the Defense Department. These functions may not be delegated.” Which means any candidate for discharge would have to be “nominated” by a branch chief, then approved for dismissal by the Pentagon’s top attorney and Dr. Clifford Stanley, the under secretary of Defense for personnel and readiness.

So in order to get kicked out of the U.S. armed forces for being gay — at least for the time being — you have to be a super special soldier. Who’s gonna be first?!