Life Imitating Art

‘Degrassi’ Gay Comes Out

Those of you who don’t watch Degrassi: The Next Generation are really missing out. Seriously, it’s a great show – and just got even better.

Adamo Ruggiero, who plays gay student Marco, has finally come out of the closet. While one may think being gay and playing gay go hand-in-hand, Ruggiero says otherwise:

I was growing up at the exact same time that my character was growing up. He was questioning things that I was questioning and I was just a kid and I’m completely petrified and you don’t really understand or know where you fit in or who you are, and my character’s asking these exact same questions, but he moved along a little faster than I did – for TV time’s sake.

I think it really scared me. I think I suddenly had this kind of third life. There was the composed life and the TV life, and then there was my personal life in a way. So it was a little overwhelming in the sense that everything that I was feeling…

And here we thought Ruggiero was just a great actor…