Delaware Becomes 11th State to Legalize Gay Marriage

11delaware-same-sex-marriage-4_3_r536_c534Anybody got some butter ’cause we’re on a roll. Delaware has become the 11th state to legalize same-sex marriage, just a week after Rhode Island sewed up New England for its freedom-loving freely-loving gay population.

The Delaware state Senate today approved the gay marriage bill 12-9 after a three hour debate. Though the bill doesn’t offer same-sex couples any more rights or laws they currently have under civil unions, the victory is mostly symbolic.

“This milestone sends yet another message to the Supreme Court that it’s time for marriage for all Americans,” Freedom to Marry  national campaign director Marc Solomon said in a statement. “Freedom to Marry is proud of its work with Equality Delaware to secure this victory, and we look forward to surging forward and continuing the momentum in Illinois and Minnesota later this month.”

Wasting no time, Gov. Jack Markell, who quickly signed the bill it into law as soon as it came across his desk this afternoon. The law becomes effective July 1.

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  • FStratford

    Jersey and PA are next!

    Let’s bring the fight to Santorum!!!!!

  • Badger88

    @FStratford: Not a chance in Pennsylvania, where Republicans control both houses of the state legislature as well as the Governor’s Mansion. New Jersey probably won’t happen soon either, due to Christie’s veto.
    Minnesota is definitely next!

  • Derek Williams

    Fabulous news. Well done Delaware!

  • Whup-Ass Master

    Illinois, then Minnesota. Christie wants to put civil rights up to popular vote,
    a mypopic position. But bring it on, NJ will follow Maine and Washington and vote equality into law.

  • Gigi Gee

    “I believe all Americans, no matter their race, no matter their sex, no matter their sexual orientation, should have that same freedom to marry. Government has no business imposing some people’s religious beliefs over others, especially if it denies people’s civil rights.” – the late Mildred Loving, speaking out for marriage equality on June 12, 2007, the 40th anniversary of the Loving v. Virginia announcement.

  • ZeeZee

    @Gigi Gee: Nicely put. I can’t but wonder which state will be the ‘Loving v. Virginia’ when it comes to marriage equality. Just trying to think about the end of the road. I know I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one…

  • Ottoman

    Speaking of Loving v Virginia, Delaware was one of the 16 states forced by that decision to recognize interracial marriages. Nice to see they’ve evolved.

  • QJ201

    Governor Lap Band is gonna have a hard time arguing for a statewide vote, but he will try…anything not to get tainted with too much of de gay so he can run for president in 2016.

  • Kieran

    One more state and just like that, gay marriage is legal in approximately one-quarter of the United States.

  • alterego1980

    I don’t want to jinx anything, but i think California will actually be next (for real this time). Once the SC overturns prop 8, it’s effect may be immediate.

  • Badger88

    @alterego1980: Minnesota’s Legislature will vote on marriage equality sometime this month, and our supporters there claim they already have the votes. The Supreme Court won’t issue a decision on Prop 8 until next month.

  • erikwm

    @alterego1980: Not likely, since Minnesota’s House is voting on it on Thursday and word is they have the votes. The outcome in the State Senate apparently is not in doubt. Governor Mark Dayton will sign.

    Illinois’s State Senate has also passed marriage equality legislation and Governor Pat Quinn is still working on getting the 60 votes needed in the House.

    I’m going to be an optimist and say California will be the 14th state, following Minnesota and Illinois.

  • erikwm

    @FStratford: Pennsylvania’s gays will be waiting until at least 2015, which would be the first legislative session following the 2014 mid-terms. Considering how unpopular Governor Corbett is (current polls having him losing by wide margins to all potential Democrats) it is not inconceivable he could drag down Republicans across the Commonwealth and flip control of the state legislature to the Democrats, as well.

  • daniwitz13

    This same Sex Marriages defy logic but who has any this day and age. This is like making a new LAW that Males can give birth. That two Males that can’t add to Mankind is equal to the Formula that made everybody. Simply amazing. Any person can just “claim” to be something that needs not be Proven and by the way, can’t, is being recognized even when unrecognizable. Like the NBA player, 34 years old and his team mates for 12 years in 6 teams, couldn’t tell. His Twin brother did not know till “told”. His Fiance of 8 years did know know. He has to come “out” for everyone to find out. This despite the ‘claim’ that they are born “that” way. The entity that does not like Religion forced on them has a way of forcing themselves on others. Yeah, it defies Logic, but who cares, right? Pity.

  • Dakotahgeo

    @Kieran: And the better thing is, with “3” more states, an Amendment to change the Constitution will never happen. Even if the President at the time, and Congress agree with a Constitutional DOMA again. it would need 2/3rds of the states’ ratification. That will be lost with 14 states embracing gay marriage. Neat, eh? Thanks for your comment!

  • Dakotahgeo

    @daniwitz13: I think you missed the blog that requires thinking. Move on, please… nothing for ‘tweens to see here.

  • Dakotahgeo

    @alterego1980: True… very true! Thanks!

  • Billysees

    All great works or movements, such as marriage equality or Gay acceptance, are under the following rule —

    ” Three steps forward, one or two steps backward “.

    That’ll help explain what may happen in the future.

  • JAW

    @Badger88: NJ should happen in June… NJ has a weird law that gives the legislature until the end of a 2 year session to override the veto… Once the primary is out of the way in early June, Those that want to vote to override the veto will be safe. Many Republicans fear a teaparty challenge in the primary.

    It will be good to be able to drive from Maine to DC without any breaks in equality

    hmmm… NJ is the only place where i-95 has a break in it… and they are working on that also… wonder if that is a sign


  • EGO

    Kudos Delaware! Who knows, perhaps after DOMA and Prop 8 are overturned, many more states will change to equality for all. For those thick-headed states that refuse equality, perhaps they will not receive Federal aid and have to pay more taxes to keep their unequal rights. :>)

  • Dakotahgeo

    @EGO: Now THAT’S an idea I can support! Thanks!

  • Curty

    Does anyone remember when I said Deleware would be next last week after Rhode Island? Told you so!!! ;-)

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