Delaware’s Senate Hopeful Christine O’Donnell Has a Delicious Ex-Gay History

Sarah Palin-backed Christine O’Donnell, who wants to become Delaware’s new Republican U.S. senator by gay baiting opponent Mike Castle, has a wonderful history to her campaign, and you should hear all about it. Like how she headed up Saviors Alliance for Lifting the Truth, that Christian organization which trumpeted out Wade Richards in 2000 at a Peter LaBarbera-run conference as a proud ex-gay who, one year later, became an ex-ex-gay and found a boyfriend.

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    MEMO TO CHRISTINE O’DONNELL: We can not change our sexual orientation. We were born this way. However you actually can change from being a vile bigoted hatefull pandering crunt!

  • Devon

    So was she born retarded or was that a choice?


    Sorry ’bout the annoying blurb on that cartoon I lifted………..
    My bad……. :6

  • Eric

    I would go lez for Rachel Maddow in a heartbeat.

  • Arkano18

    Rachel Maddow, once again clever as hell.

  • Jessica

    What does Cristine do to sexually satisfy herself? I’m betting she has a beautiful 6’3″ lipstick lesbian with long legs, massive tits and a huge clit ready to impale her waiting for her on the side. If we keep looking we’ll one day find that girl!

  • Gray

    I love Racheal Maddow!!!

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