Delhi High Court: Gay Not A Disease

Delhi’s High Court came out for the homos this weekend.

As legislators and health officials butt heads over whether to decriminalize same-sex relations, the Court issued a harsh statement opining that homosexuality is not a disease:

“Show us one report which says that it is a disease. A WHO paper says that it is not a disease but you are describing it as a disease. It is an accepted fact that it is a main vehicle that causes (AIDS) disease, but it is not a disease itself,” a Bench headed by Chief Justice A P Shah said.

The Court’s observation came when Additional Solicitor General P.P. Malhotra, appearing for the Centre, contended that homosexuality is a disease which is responsible for the spread of AIDS in the country.

“The AIDS is already spreading in the country and if gay sex is legalized then people on the street would start indulging in such practices saying that the High Court has given approval for it,” Malhotra said.

Aside from being ignorant and offensives, Malhotra’s arguments are being contradicted by Health Minister Anbumani Ramadoss. According to Ramadoss – and countless other experts the world over – prohibitive laws contribute to the spread of HIV, rather than containing it, as Malhotra would like to believe.