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Delhi’s Streets Flooded By Homosexual Monsoon

Some two thousand revelers took to the streets in Delhi yesterday to flaunt their homosexuality in front of a country of more than one billion during the city’s third annual gay pride celebration. It’s the first time The Gays got together in public to celebrate last year’s Delhi High Court ruling that struck down the criminalization of homosexuality. I did not spot the prince, but I’m sure here was there in spirit.

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  • meego

    Good for them :)

  • rodrigo

    So amazing…it’s courageous people like this that inspires other (indians) to go out and celebrate who they are.

  • Tallskin

    You have to start somewhere, so good on them. It will grow in size with each passing year.

  • RTM

    As usual, most Western media outlets have it wrong!

    The first gay pride parade post decriminalization occurred in Mumbai on Aug 16, 2009 (two months after the Delhi HC verdict). On July 2, 2010 there were small scale anniversary celebrations of the Naz judgment, including in Delhi where around 250 participated. But it wasn’t formally a pride parade because being the peak summer season, not many folks participated.

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