Delilah Brooks, OutTV's 'Psychic Queen' Opens Up About Her Psychic Abilities

Delilah Brooks OutTV Psychic Queen Reality Television Show Canada

Canadian television network, OutTV, has teamed up with New York’s premier psychic drag queen and comedian, Delilah Brooks, to bring you the world’s first psychic drag queen reality show, ‘Psychic Queen.’

Ahead of tonight’s premiere, we spoke with Delilah to find out more about her psychic abilities and got the scoop about what viewers can expect from this exciting new show.

“One thing you’ll see about the show is that I’m very quiet about my gift,” Delilah shared, “Because when people find out you’re a psychic they’re all like ‘Tell me what I’m thinking.’ So, I keep some things personal, and to be able to do it on this kind of platform, where I get to show the whole world. We’re not really sure where it came from, but I have this gift and I want to see where I can go with it.”

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When asked if she was a medium, a psychic who communicates with people who have passed away, Delilah responded, “No. I’m actually an empath – I’m empathetic. The way that it works is that it’s a connection through you. What we’re gonna do in a reading – the way that it works, and this is what I tell people who wants to come on the show – when it comes to empathy, I can feel your emotions on a level where it’s not my own, so we get to basically crack into your subconscious and see what’s actually going on. There are little hints and glimmers that I get of the truth of a situation – if someone is lying, you can call them out – but when it comes to me and the psychic abilities, mine are more telepathic and less focused on the spirit world.”

And of course, what would a reality television show be without a little drama? “YouTube sensation Michael Buckley is our second reading [in the premiere episode],” Delilah revealed, “That’s the juicy one. It’s one of those readings that even while it was happening I knew what I had to say and I knew it was gonna piss him off, but I knew I had to say it. It was one of those thing that you just can’t deny the truth from someone when that’s what they’re sitting there asking you.”

‘Psychic Queen’ | OutTV – Extended Preview Trailer

There’s more to the story then just Delilah’s psychic abilities. “The basis of the show is about my life with my roommate, who happens to be my best friend,” Delilah shared. “He’s a straight boy – his name is Chris – and I refer to him in the show as my husband because we’ve been doing things together for years. It’s that typical gay guy, straight best friend relationship that has grown into our adulthood.

“It turns out to be great sketch comedy as well because as a drag queen I like to surprise my friends some, depending on where we’re going and what we’re doing, with a different costume. In the show, I sabotage Chris’ date when I show up as a waitress at the restaurant. I’ve done stuff like that to him before. It was brilliant and hilarious.”

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We also asked about Delilah’s decision to do the show as her drag alter ego. “It makes people listen,” Delilah answered. “It makes them pay attention. Today’s society is all about ADD, where everyone is just so bored within thirty seconds and drag is one of those things that is always entertaining. In every scene, I get to show my creativity through a different dress, a different wig, a different costume, different makeup, so it’s one of those things that let’s the audience be more attentive to the character and story. For me and the drag aspect of it, it’s probably the most important part because it’s why people listen.

“I was a stand-up comedian as a boy for a very long time and it really didn’t go anywhere. The second I found Delilah – it’s only been four years I’ve been doing drag in Manhattan now – it’s come leaps and bounds and I’ve gotten to work with legends and do things that I only dreamed. It’s because the second I found Delilah I found a voice that people would listen to. You’ll see later on in the season, in the episode about Delilah, where I came from and how I got here. It something to keep your eyes open for. I’m very excited for the world to see this series and I hope that it’s received with the kind of love and laughter that it was made with.”

Watch ‘Psychic Queen’ tonight (Friday, October 31) on OutTV Canada at 7:30pm EDT, Saturday at 1:30pm EDT and Sunday at 2:30pm EDT.