Dell Reverses Course, Unblocks LGBT Sites from Censorware

you're gay computerGood news from the land of Dell computers: after we reported that their internet-filtering software blocks LGBT-related sites, the company has reversed course and is removing the category from their software.

The problem-program is called “SonicWall,” and is used by organizations keen on censoring access to certain types of sites. You may have run into something like this at a school, or church, or workplace. Because there’s nothing better for morale than your employer telling you that even though they hired you to do a job, they don’t quite fully trust you to do it.

SonicWALL included a category that allowed organizations to block LGBT content, such as We Are Family, “a safe space for LGBTQI and straight ally youth.”

Trend Micro, maker of another web-blocker, has already apologized and removed the homophobic category from their software. And now a Dell rep has assured us that engineers are working on fixing SonicWALL as well.

We can’t fully blame Dell for having the block there in the first place, since the company acquired ownership of the software from another company. And it’s nice to know that they were responsive within a few weeks of the problem being brought to their attention.

And of course, now would be a good time to point out that the company does lots of nice things for LGBT consumers and employees. So, yay for that. Now, if only they could fix the missing .dll files that refuse to update every time our computer crashes…