Delusional Reporter Says “That’s So Gay” Is Not A Slur Because “Gay Means Stupid”

mirandaOn Monday, the Australasian National Rugby League issued a two-game ban on Mitchell Moses of the Wests Tigers for using a homophobic slur on-field during a televised match.

According to reports, Moses was found to be in direct violation of the league’s anti-vilification policy when he called Queensland lock Luke Bateman a “fucking gay cunt,” a phrase that was picked up by a referee’s on-field microphone and broadcast to the entire stadium and live TV audience.

Moses later issued an apology, and right as it seemed the storm had passed, an archaic reporter for Sydney’s Daily Telegraph named Miranda Devine stepped in and wrote an insanely offensive article in defense of Moses. In it, she claimed the ban was enforced on behalf of “the gods of homosexuality” and claims that “gay” is not an offensive word.

Devine, a self-described “sci fi nut” and complete asshole, believes her lived experience as a heterosexual woman gives her the authority to determine what words are offensive to minority groups:

There was no problem with the players trying to punch each other. No problem with the foul language. No problem with the sexist c-word.

But woe betide the player who ­offends the gods of homosexuality.

Let’s get one thing straight. “Gay” no longer just means “homosexual”. The word has changed meaning over the last decade. Young people use “gay” to mean lame, or dumb or stupid, as in: “That’s so gay.”

He was being offensive but he was not being homophobic, which last time I looked meant, “an extreme and irrational aversion to homosexuality and homosexual people”.

Bateman isn’t even homosexual. What more evidence do you need that Mitchell didn’t say “gay” as a ­homophobic slur?

They could have given him counselling or community work to teach him to keep a clean mouth in a game full of microphones. But the NRL wanted to parade as a champion of homosexual rights, so who cares about fairness or honesty.

Yes, Miranda. Tell us. Who cares about fairness or honesty?

Without missing a beat, token Australian and openly gay Olympic diver Matthew Mitchum chimed in with his opinion of Devine’s insanity: “Miranda Devine is a ‘f…ing gay c…’ & I can say that b/c it’s neither homophobic nor sexist, according to her.”

Well done, Matthew. Well done.