Denmark Approves Church Weddings For Same-Sex Couples

As predicted, the Danish parliament has voted to allow same-sex couples to wed in churches, by a margin of  85 to 24. An earlier measure offering a separate-but-equal ceremony was rejected on Wednesday.Denmark was the first country in the world to legalized gay unions, back in 1989.

The new law, which goes into effect on June 15, will allow clergy to refrain from performing ceremonies, though they’d have to help couples find a priest who would marry them. Appropriate rites have already been written up by bishops of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, which 80% of the Danish people belong to.

Of course this isn’t stopping the haters from hating:  Members of the minority Christian Democrats plan to sue, claiming the law infringes their freedom of religion. They’re not expected to succeed.

Manu Sareen, the Minister for Equality and Church and Nordic Cooperation said of the news: “It’s liberalism, it’s diversity, it’s equality, it’s tolerance and it’s so beautiful.”


Source: Pink News

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  • MC

    That’s great that the Danish Lutherans are going forward with this. It shows not all religions are hateful. I remember when the Gay Gaymes were held in Copenhagen, the cathedral was decorated in rainbow colors and ministers were in front blessings people.

  • Cam

    And if bigots tried to stop the Danish Lutherans from going forward, then the bigots would be interfering with the LUTHERANS religious freedom. lol

  • doug105

    though they’d have to help couples find a priest who would marry them.

    Just how hard is it to keep a phone number of a near by church that would marry them ?

  • Carl 1

    Way to go team Denmark! Especially like the part that it is voluntary fo the priest, but that they have to provide contact with someone willing to help (just as most who won’t marry divorcees will point the couple towards someone who will).

  • Belize


    Plain and simple.

  • Luke

    Queerty, you’re completely missing the point, which is that Denmark has legalised same-sex marriage.

  • KJ

    I love the Lutherans :) they’re very good about focusing on love rather than (perceived) sin and (implied) punishment

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