Denmark Ends Forced Sterilization Of Transgender People

aalborg denmarkIf you had to guess which country requires mandatory sterilization for transgender people, would you have guessed Denmark?

Yes. That’s right. Denmark. In 2014. Still requiring sterilization. The first country in the world to offer recognition to same-sex partners (in 1989!) is only just now overturning an insane abuse of human rights.

But not for much longer: Parliament just voted to end the requirement. Going forward, no medical procedures are necessary; you’ll be allowed to “officially” change your gender after a six-month period simply by declaring your intention to do so.

Other European countries have waited until recently to eliminate similarly horrifying requirements. Denmark and Sweden only overturned their forced-sterilization laws in late 2013.

Incredibly, France, Portugal and Italy are among the countries with sterilization laws still on the books. The World Health Organization condemned the requirements last week, so hopefully we’ll see the end of them soon.

Speaking of Denmark, here is a photo gallery of an all-nude Crossfit gym in Aarhus. Just because.

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