Denmark: Radio DJ Beaten Up By A Crowd Of Men In Homophobic Attack

Marcel_Juul_ØstergreenOn Saturday, an openly gay radio host for Denmark’s PopFM was attacked by a group of men because of his sexuality.

According to Gay Star News, Marcel Juul Østergreen and a friend came out of a gay bar where they noticed a man alone in his car on the phone. When the DJ’s friend asked him how he was, the man “flew out of the car” and yelled “Now!”

GSN reports:

“Then it just went quickly,” Østergreen said. “Suddenly there were about 10 young guys around us. My friend was on the ground and tried to protect his face while they kicked and beat him. And then they came at me, and I got one blow after another.”

Once the group relented, Østergreen yelled at his friend to run and they ran into a nearby Burger King where a shocked cashier hid them in the basement and called the police.

Østergreen said: “When I looked at myself in the mirror, I understood why the clerk had reacted so promptly. Blood was flowing out of my head.”

Østergreen suffered a broken tooth and split lip. Police filed a report and took his jacket for DNA samples.

Still recovering, Østergreen was able to bring a little levity to a traumatic situation, joking that “it’s good I’m a radio host and not a TV host—or it would have been expensive makeup for today.”

He later posted on Facebook, “I am appalled and feel deep compassion for the unenlightened wretches!”

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  • Brian

    Denmark is a very homophobic country. While it may appear gay-friendly at the legal level, this does not reflect attitudes at the social street level. The social street level in Denmark is very anti-gay male.

  • Ogre Magi

    @Brian: I heard it was because of the Muslim immigrants

  • Joetx

    @Ogre Magi: Yeah, let’s blame it on immigrants.

    Jeez, the frequent racism on this site is very aggravating, as well as disappointing.

  • kennetho9322

    And let us not forget that the bulk of these attacks are often perpetrated by
    ego-dystonic homosexuals. IE: they can’t all be straight! Yes, I’m a raging Queen!
    And yes, I’m suggesting that most of these crimes are committed by self-
    flagellating closet-cases. Please, let’s stop hurling blame and let’s try to figure
    out why this keeps happening. (Yeah, I’m gonna get mail!)

  • Sebizzar

    Poor guys :( Hope they catch each of those no life scum!!


    I always heated Denmark! fucking Danish, don`t come to the RSA you`l be killed. Adam A. K. Cape Town South Africa.

  • gppm1103

    @Joetx: Uh…unfortunately he is right. They Muslims have changed the country. They are posing problems in London now also.
    The Danes, British, French…etc…need to step up and either deport them or put them in prison if they continue to discriminate and commit violent crimes.

    These idiots actually think they are going to change European culture. Wonder who they think will be the head of the new European “Caliphate”:-)

  • brent

    @Joetx: Who would you prefer we blame it on. The article doesn’t mention who it is, but i would be very surprised if it isn’t connected to Islam

  • Stache1

    @Brian: That’s the first i’ve heard that. They’ve been having major cultural problem with Muslims though. Ever since that danish cartoonist dared to poke fun of their religion and had to go into hiding. I think it’s gotten allot worse since then.

  • Pete

    [email protected]brent:

    My own ethnic stereotyping: I suspect both the gay bashing and the Islamophobia are the product of white supremacist football fan hooliganism from which not even liberal Scandinavia is immune.

  • brent

    @Pete: That is a problem with liberals, they can only blame these type of things on white people. They can’t bring themselves to think that other races and religions can be as or more homophobic.

  • Freddie27

    God, I really don’t know what’s wrong with Americans, why you’re so virulently Islamophobic and hateful towards immigrants. Most of you aren’t European and don’t understand what it means to be a European, to have compassion for those seeking asylum, to welcome those seeking opportunity.

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