Stop Being So Self-Indulgent

Dennis Altman Not Feeling Gay Marriage

Australian gay activist and Gore Vidal pal Dennis Altman got tongues wagging this week when he offered his opinion on gay marriage: it’s “crap”. Said the outspoken politico:

I think it’s [gay marriage] a great deal of self-indulgent crap,” he said.

I mean people around the world are being tortured for being homosexual and people here carry on as if not being allowed to marry was a huge abuse of civil rights.

I wish there was a bit more internationalism in the Australian gay world. I mean it’s not too much to ask that we remember, sometimes, we are not the most persecuted and oppressed group in the world.

What?! How will we ever go one without the ever-important, somewhat comforting victimhood we’ve come to enjoy so much. How will we justify our overinflated sense of entitlement? How? How, Altman? How!?

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