Will He Swallow His Words?

Dennis Kucinich Pleads His Gay Case

Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel are the only Democratic presidential candidates that support gay marriage. Then why aren’t these men garnering more pink partners? We’d say “pragmatism”.

Kucinich disagrees: a vote for him is not “wasted”.

The 61-year old Ohio native tells The Advocate:

People have to know that they can win. It’s not about what candidate wins. Will LGBT people be winners in this election? The only way you can win is to have the courage to vote for what you want. A courageous vote is the only vote worth casting. As a community of people with courage, the LGBT community has been able to demonstrate a great deal of courage and authenticity. So why would politics represent something different than what our lives represent?

Kucinich goes on to say that voting for a more visible – predictable? – candidate is “antithetical” to the gay movement. He goes on, “[It’s] counterproductive to the point of being worrisome.”

We’d like to remind readers that just yesterday Kucinich told his Iowa supporters that if he doesn’t get the necessary 15% of today’s vote, they should back Barack Obama. Obama does not support gay marriage.