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Dennis Leary And His Fake Rescue Me Firefighters Are All a Bunch of ‘Fags’

So Denis Leary, who is the toast of New York City if you believe the Rescue Me promos FX is running (Derek Jeter cameo! Alicia Keys track!), was on The Daily Show last night, and used the word “fags.” As in, “sissy fairies!” Drama for yo’ mama!

(Cue to 4:05)

Re-telling a story about Jeter shooting the promo spots, Leary says the Yankee went on about how much he admired what they did on the show. To which co-star Steven Pasquale (pictured, right) responded: “What’re you talking about? We’re fags! We pretend to be brave guys, what are you talking about?” So that was just Leary sharing something somebody else said!

Then, Leary says to Stewart: “If one of my kids caught on fire, I would probably start screaming louder than them, and then roll them around and scream and cry.” Like a big faggy sissy fairy nelly pussy fag!

Leary has previously defended his use of the word “fag,” which he used for his book chapter “Matt Dillon Is a Giant Fag.” And when asked by a reporter if he could name one guy he’d have sex with if his life depended on it, he replied, “I’d shoot myself in the head. I’d have to have my wife dress up as a man. I never met him, but I always really loved Paul Newman – not only as an actor, but also the way he carried himself . . . So I guess I’d have to dress my wife up as Paul Newman.”

Ahhh. The whole incident could’ve been avoided if Stewart was smart like that Stephen Colbert and took a three-day weekend like everybody else.

UPDATE: Pasquale responds, saying Leary effectively made that shit up: “I am an actor, and I live and work in New York City. I can honestly say that half the people I know, love and respect are gay. I simply didn’t say it. I’m not capable of saying it, anymore than describing my black friends as the ‘N’ word. I can’t take any responsibility for it. None. I’m afraid Denis got his wires a little crossed in remembering that story.”