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Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput Hates Seeing Lesbians’ Kids Kicked Out of School. But Stands Behind It

Calling the removal of two children (and not one, as previously reported) from Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic School, in Boulder, because their stparents are two lesbians a “painful situation,” Denver Archbishop Archbishop Charles Chaput ands by the heinous decision. But don’t think he’s a terrible person! He was willing to compromise!

“Chaput said the school told the parents that one of the children could complete kindergarten and the other could complete preschool, but neither could continue after that,” reports Denver’s ABC 7. That’s right: Instead of being immediately barred, they could finish out the year, but after that they’d have to sever their friendships, stability, and familiarity because the school cannot tolerate such a horrific home life.

Laughably, in a statement ABC 7 also quotes from, “he said the church doesn’t believe God has any less love for the children of gays and lesbians than for other children, or that gays and lesbians are bad people.” Which means we still have those lingering questions: Will Sacred Heart ban kids born out of wedlock? Raised by single parents? By husbands and wives who cheat on each other?