Denver Attackee Building Army

Nima Davairi wants us to pass asked us to pass on a note. We agreed. The 24-year old homo who claims a Denver cop blew off his account of an anti-gay attack has this to say:

Calling all gays! Calling all gays!

I need to find gay individuals who have had negative experiences with the Denver Police Department.

As you may or may not know, I was gay bashed in Denver and the police were of no assistance. It is virtually impossible to sue a government body because they have qualified immunity (safeguarded from lawsuits). However, systematic inappropriate behavior, like ignoring gay victims, may be grounds for a violation of civil rights action.

Compensation that I would receive, if any, would be very minimal. The point is not to finally pay off my red Gucci backless satin gown, the point is to make a point. DON’T TREAT US THIS WAY AND EXPECT US TO TAKE IT LYING DOWN!

If you know ANYONE in Denver, please send this to them (and have them send it to their friends and so on and so forth) and have them contact me with their stories.

You heard the man. Hit him up at