Douche of the Week

Denver Broncos, Tim Tebow Take Vow Of Silence Over LGBT Support

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Believe it or not, today’s Douche of the Week is a bunch of muscled jocks who wear tight pants that show off their gorgeous physique. No, we’re not talking about the chorus boys in Anything Goes: it’s the Denver Broncos—and quarterback Tim Tebow in particular.

Earlier this week Queerty reported that the Broncos declined to make a video for the It Gets Better campaign, despite a petition with more than 8000 signatures pleading with them to do so. Apparently the team (or its management) felt they already do enough by supporting USA Network’s “Character’s Unite” campaign—which doesn’t even mention any specific support for the LGBT community.

Tebow, in particular, could’ve scored some points by filming a IGB clip: A true-blue Christian, the superstar QB is still dealing with the blowback for the Super Bowl ad he did for Focus on the Family.

It’s not for nothing that Rick Perry fancy himself the Tim Tebow of the Iowa caucuses.

To date, Tebow hasn’t allowed his publicist to make any specific comments on his stance on  same-sex marriage or gay rights in general. Not even saying that nobody should be persecuted or harassed for their sexuality. Even anti-gay GOP bigwigs can manage to spit that out.

All together now: What a pack of douches!

Images via Julio Enriquez, Jeff Kern, Jeffrey Beall, JGlover