Des Moines Church’s “Gay Is Not Okay” Sermon Leads To Threats, Vandalism, Protest

As KSAZ Fox 10 in Phoenix reports, a sermon and accompanying sign stating “gay is not okay” has lead to trouble for the Ft. Des Moines Church of Christ in Iowa.

Rev. Mike Demastus, who preached his homophobic homily over the weekend, says a marquee outside the church was vandalized and he was threatened.

While we don’t condone violence or property damage, we’re not exactly gonna bring Demastus a nice cup of Celestial Seasonings to soothe his nerves. Especially since he claims the anger was misdirected:

“This has opened up a pretty decent dialogue for those that are willing to have the dialogue. But for those that are just spewing anger and hate and all that kind of stuff, I just think that’s awful. But the reality is I can only speak where God’s word speaks.”

If railing against gays from the pulpit isn’t “spewing anger and hate and all that stuff,” Reveend, then what exactly is?

There was a silver lining to this unpleasant situation: Roughly 100 people protested outside the church when the sermon was delivered Sunday and Demastus changed the word “gay” to “adultery” on the marquee.

On a separate note, we get a funny “pinging” sensation when Demastus opens his mouth. Anyone else?