Flipping Out’s Jeff Lewis Helps Homes (And Hearts) On Bravo’s Interior Therapy

To be honest, when you hear the words “Jeff Lewis” and “therapy,” you can be forgiven for thinking the high-maintenance interior designer and veteran house flipper is looking for a new shrink.

But actually Lewis, the star of Flipping Out for five seasons, is going to be offering therapy, not getting it: Debuting tonight on Bravo, Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis sees the openly gay decor maven—along with his trusted gal pal, Jenni Pulos, and sarcastic housekeeper Zoila—temporarily moving in with different couples to help solve their design and relationship dilemmas. Hey, if anyone can detect dysfunction, it’s got to be Lewis.

Queerty recently chatted with Lewis and Pulos about the new show, the families they encounter and their own unique dynamic.

How will Interior Therapy be different from Flipping Out?

Jeff Lewis: I think the big thing is that, with Flipping Out, whenever we ended the show you, unfortunately, don’t always get to see the finished products.We’re usually working on a client’s home and, you know, it’s done when it’s done. So you never really get to see the reveal. You never get to see it furnished [and] accessorized. There is a true before/after reveal [with Interior Therapy] that I like because I get to see the project all the way through, and so do the viewers.

After doing this for five years, I think it would be nice for people to really see what I can do. Because mostly, Flipping Out has been focusing on the construction end of it. Because we only have a week of doing these homes, we do light construction but we do a lot more furnishing and accessories. Believe it or not, I actually felt like I was kind of weak in that department. But the show has really helped strengthen my skills in this particular arena. And I’m really proud of the reveals.

Do you visit any gay or lesbian families in Interior Therapy?

Lewis:  Yes. There was one couple. It’s one of my favorite episodes just because they’re… just lovely, fun, great people. They were very, very nice.

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  • TJ

    Why does Bravo continue to give this obnoxious egomaniac TV shows? No one watches them!

  • Christopher

    Just so I understand…one of the most dysfunctional people to appear on reality TV (and that is saying something), has been given a show where he gives advice to others? Wow.

    And Queerty is promoting this because?

  • BubbasBack

    This is joke, right? RIGHT? Burp.

  • Mrs. Robinson

    From the clip he doesn’t appear to be the annoying little shit that he was in the other show. Since reality tv isn’t really reality, who knows what the man’s real personality is? Hopefully this show will not present him as quite the mentally ill schmuck that the previous one did.

  • Rider L

    Jeff is adorable!

  • Alex Sarmiento

    Jeff Lewis needs to get his stuff together, before he can even think of helping others get theirs together.

  • Wesley

    I agree with TJ. If he were to talk to me the way he talks to his employee’s. I’d put my foot in his behind.

  • Trip

    Somebody needs to give *him* some advice about that awful rug he wears. What a loser. Good for him for getting “famous” by being a complete dickhead on the teevee, but no matter how famous, I wouldn’t take his advice if he paid me to take it.

  • Rider L

    Personally, I’d like to give him a blowjob!

  • sfo

    I loved Flipping Out – hope the new show is just as interesting.

  • Rider L

    I thought last night’s episode was good! The straight guy was almost as cute as Jeff!

  • klkollinger

    I dont know what is the matter with you haters..Jeff Lewis is Awesome. He is a great designer and I dont think Ive seen any of you with your own tv shows latley??
    And, a lot of people do watch his shows…so get off the hate wagon and jump into reality!
    I love you Jeff Lewis…and I would like to ask if you could help us with our yatcht? I will submit an entry and do what I have to do.
    Please keep on doing what you are doing…Most of us Love You, Jenni and Zolia!

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