Flipping Out’s Jeff Lewis Helps Homes (And Hearts) On Bravo’s Interior Therapy

Jenni, you and Jeff have a volatile relationship of your own, at least based on what we’ve seen on Flipping Out. Did this intense experience exacerbate it or improve it?

Pulos: Ironically, I think we’ve gotten closer. Our friendship is better than it’s ever been because we had to bond during this time, to not only help these people but also if we had to come up against them when they didn’t want to make changes.

Lewis: We had to be united in this project. It really did strengthen our relationship. And, you know, it was a long shoot. It was six months. And I think we became closer during this whole process.

Pulos: I do, too. And I think Jeff was forced to grow as a designer. Ten weeks, ten different canvases. We had to implement these people’s things. And what you’ll see in these reveals is you see people’s things staged when we come in, and then you see them placed in the home after Jeff has come in and redone it and it’s beautiful.

How much time did you have to figure out what you were going to do with these people’s homes?

Lewis: A lot of people in this genre… they pre-prep. Meaning they know what house they’re doing and they have months to buy furniture, wallpaper, window coverings. The day that we moved in is the first day that I saw the house. Here’s the problem: I have to furnish that house in about 48 hours. Everything I buy has to be in stock. Try finding a dozen dining room chairs in stock—I was driving all over the city looking for these things.

Considering how stressful that must have been, you actually seem more calm and centered on Interior Therapy. Have you changed that much from the demanding boss we’ve seen on Flipping Out?

Lewis: I don’t think I’ve really necessarily changed. I think maybe you just get to see a different side of me. In my day-to-day life I’m juggling anywhere from a dozen to 20 clients. But when I’m forced to sit at one place for a week and just focus on one family alone, then, of course, my guard comes down.  You’re going to see me less stressed because I don’t have to worry about the other 11 clients at home.

And, really, because it’s focused on five days of shooting with one family, you’re going to watch me get to know the family, the family get to know me, and then you see a different side of me. When you spend so much time with one group, you do become connected and you do start to care. Now I’m not going to say I liked everybody, but there were a few families that I really was rooting for. These people had problems—it wasn’t just about the design. And I really became like a champion for them, and I really cared about them.

Some of them—not all [laughs].


Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis debuts Wednesday, March 14th at 9pm on Bravo. Photos: Tommy Garcia/Bravo

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  • TJ

    Why does Bravo continue to give this obnoxious egomaniac TV shows? No one watches them!

  • Christopher

    Just so I understand…one of the most dysfunctional people to appear on reality TV (and that is saying something), has been given a show where he gives advice to others? Wow.

    And Queerty is promoting this because?

  • BubbasBack

    This is joke, right? RIGHT? Burp.

  • Mrs. Robinson

    From the clip he doesn’t appear to be the annoying little shit that he was in the other show. Since reality tv isn’t really reality, who knows what the man’s real personality is? Hopefully this show will not present him as quite the mentally ill schmuck that the previous one did.

  • Rider L

    Jeff is adorable!

  • Alex Sarmiento

    Jeff Lewis needs to get his stuff together, before he can even think of helping others get theirs together.

  • Wesley

    I agree with TJ. If he were to talk to me the way he talks to his employee’s. I’d put my foot in his behind.

  • Trip

    Somebody needs to give *him* some advice about that awful rug he wears. What a loser. Good for him for getting “famous” by being a complete dickhead on the teevee, but no matter how famous, I wouldn’t take his advice if he paid me to take it.

  • Rider L

    Personally, I’d like to give him a blowjob!

  • sfo

    I loved Flipping Out – hope the new show is just as interesting.

  • Rider L

    I thought last night’s episode was good! The straight guy was almost as cute as Jeff!

  • klkollinger

    I dont know what is the matter with you haters..Jeff Lewis is Awesome. He is a great designer and I dont think Ive seen any of you with your own tv shows latley??
    And, a lot of people do watch his shows…so get off the hate wagon and jump into reality!
    I love you Jeff Lewis…and I would like to ask if you could help us with our yatcht? I will submit an entry and do what I have to do.
    Please keep on doing what you are doing…Most of us Love You, Jenni and Zolia!

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