Designer Mark Jacobs Ready For His “South Park” Tattoo

manbearpigDesigner Marc Jacobs is ready for his next permanent design; The inked designer told Page Six his next tattoo will likely be of a South Park character, ManBearPig (at right).

“[My trainer and I] are fighting over which one of us is going to get it,” Jacobs told fashion insider Fern Mallis.

A tat of the mythical creature would join an image of SpongeBob SquarePants on the out designer’s epidermis, as well as a M&M from  tattoo artist Scott Campbell.

In the same convo, Jacobs told Mallis he still has the ring ex-fiancé Lorenzo Martone gave him: “He asked me to marry him, but he broke up with me,” explained Jacobs, who has been seen with Brazilian porn star Harry Louis. “He just changed his mind. We’re best friends now.”

Friends like that we don’t have enough of.