Desperate Housewives: The Lesbian Era

In the perfect example of “art imitates life”: Marcia Cross, the Desperate Housewives star once rumored to be a lesbian, will take a lesbian turn on the show.

marcia cross.jpeg

Cross’ character Bree Van de Kamp will reportedly fall for another woman, but have the relationship cut short when her evil son catches on to her taste for the ladies. Her son has held a grudge against her since earlier in the series, when Bree struggled with her son’s proclimation that he is gay–to which she told him he “won’t go to Heaven.”

Cross was “outed” by internet gossip last year, but publicly announced her hererosexuality on the cover of one of those gay magazines no one really reads anymore.

Bree certainly has had a tough go of it. This new lesbian action on Housewives follows (a) Bree’s turn into a drunk who passes out on her front lawn; (b) Bree’s play in the suicide-death of her pharmacist and would-be lover (which was too convenient and unresolved; obviously the pharmacist is coming back), and (c) Bree’s dabble in the world of S&M domination with her submissive husband, whom the pharmacist killed. And we thought blowing herself to bits on Melrose Place was nutty.

According to, both Kim Cattrall and Dana Delaney are being considered for the lesbian-lover role; but Cattrall recently joined the cast of Sir Elton John‘s television project Him & Us, so those rumors might be a little antiquated. We recommend Anne Heche, as she is a brilliant actress in need of work, and she’s just as crazy in real life as any of the characters on the show.

We worry about the welfare of (Housewives‘ creator) Marc Cherry’s mother, as he seems to have a lot of psychotic baggage about their relationship.

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