Straw grasping

Desperate Republicans pan Julia Louis-Dreyfus as “tone-deaf” at DNC

To call Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ performance at the final night of the Democratic National Convention “tone-deaf” while also supporting the GOP ticket in 2020 requires some truly impressive cognitive dissonance.

Either that or it’s straw-grasping at something negative to say to divert attention from the fact that Joe Biden and the Democrats put on a powerful program that spoke to the seriousness of this election and the crises facing the nation, while also realizing there’s a need for humor in difficult times.

Regardless, that’s the angle Fox News went with in a hard-hitting story titled: Julia Louis-Dreyfus panned as ‘tone-deaf’ DNC host; compared to Clint Eastwood’s ’empty chair’ moment.

“It appears that being a Democratic National Convention emcee was not the right role for Julia Louis-Dreyfus,” observed Fox writer Joseph A. Wulfsohn.

Wulfsohn based his analysis on Tweets from Republican comedy experts like these:

We did our own in-depth analysis by simply searching “Julia Louis-Dreyfus” on Twitter. It took about 8 seconds to realize there’s another review going around:

We’ll leave you with this: