Despicable Donald Trump Says He “Appreciates Congrats” For “Being Right” On Terrorism

If anyone still doubted Donald Trump‘s unsuitability for the White House, read his Twitter rants today, in which he manages to make the Pulse nightclub slaughter, the worst mass shooting in American history, all about him while once again calling for a ban on Muslims entering the United States.

To which Meghan McCain had a dead-on response:

No, Trump, you were not right about radical Islamic terrorism. In fact, you have had the worst possible reaction to it: Xenophobia, via the act of blaming all Muslims for the actions of a tiny minority, a reaction that just escalates the hatred we saw on display in Orlando early this morning.

Republican fundraisers and strategists met with Mitt Romney last week in a too-little, too-late attempt to derail Trump’s candidacy after he launched a racist attack on a highly regarded federal court judge. At the Romney conclave, Meg Whitman, the billionaire Hewlett Packard CEO and failed California GOP gubernatorial candidate, compared Trump to genocidal demagogues like Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini and asked how the party could unite behind a man of such poor character and leadership.

While the comparison may not be terribly apt, Whitman is right. These are the moments when the nation requires wise leadership, the kind the President Obama and many other leaders provided today, the kind of leadership Trump’s narcissism and complete lack of compassion make impossible.

It’s time for the Republican Party to do the right thing.